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Against Live Online | Live follows the first phase of the semifinals of Apertura 2021 , This Thursday, December 2 from 10:00 pm (Peruvian time). The exchange of one of today’s most exciting matches is the responsibility of TUDN, Channel 5 Television and Blim TV. To watch live football like this match, there are different alternatives to streaming service and TV channels..

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Poomas and Atlas sequence

Vs. Cookers. Atlas Live

Poomas, who want to return to the Mexican Championship final, will continue their path in Aberdera. Atlas will now be in front of him, promising he finished second at the regular stage and will be a tough competitor. Follow the minute-by-minute statistics, events, goals, interviews and results of the competition held at the Olympic University Grounds.

Vs. Cookers. Atlas: Match tables and channels

Mexico – 9:00 pm – TUDN, Channel 5 Television and Film TV

Peru – 10:00 pm

Ecuador – 10:00 pm

Colombia – 10:00 pm

Bolivia – 11:00 pm

Venezuela – 11:00 pm

Paraguay – 0:00 (Friday, December 3)

Chile – 0:00 (Friday, December 3)

Argentina – 0:00 (Friday, December 3)

Uruguay – 0:00 (Friday, December 3)

Brazil – 0:00 (Friday, December 3)

Spain – 4:00 am (Friday, December 3)

Poomas, the Ecuadorian Washington Corso standout team, has reached this final stage under the technical guidance of Argentina’s Andres Lillini, who pushed the team from last place in the playoffs into fifth on the fifth day of the classification. Thanks to four wins and a draw in the final of the regular season.

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In the playoffs, university students tossed Tolu and the leader crossed the United States, closing the tie on someone else’s court.

“Andres Lillini is a great coach, we’ve been with him for a year and a half and we have already reached the semifinals (current tournament) and the finals (in Card 1 ons 2020)”Alan Moso, Pumas repeated.

Corozo, on the other hand, ‘Felinos’ attacker, noted his good moment and continued to aim for goals.

“My dream in all games is to have a little dance for my teammates, TV fans and family members. Hopefully (dance the atlas), we will play after the game to get results and reach the final.”Said the former Sporting Crystal player.

Led by Argentina’s Diego Coca and Peruvian Anderson Santamaria, Atlas was the most exciting team of the tournament. The ‘foxes’, who have returned to the semifinals after a 17-year wait, will try to reach the final in search of the title they won only once in 1951, 70 years ago.

“The team is focused, it’s growing, it has no roof, will continue to search, mentally it is very strong, we’re fine, things are clear in the dressing room, everyone wants what they want, what we need first, everyone knows the thing team”, Red and black box maker said earlier.

Vs. Cookers. Atlas: The Last Conflicts

Boomas 0-0 Atlas | 2021 | MX League

Boomas 0-0 Atlas | 2021 | MX League

Atlas 1-2 Poomas | 2020 | MX League

Poomas 5-1 Atlas | 2019 | MX League

Atlas 1-2 Poomas | 2019 | MX file

Boomas 2-2 Atlas | 2019 | MX League

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Poomas 0-1 Atlas | 2019 | MX file

Atlas 0-3 Poomas | 2018 | MX League

Poomas 3-1 Atlas | 2018 | MX League

Atlas 2-1 Cookers | 2018 | MX League

Vs. Cookers. Atlas: Possible Arrays

Poomas: Talavera, Moso, Freer, Ortiz, Velarde, Lira, Leo Lopez, Saceto, Alvarez, Corrozo and Dinenno. DT: Andres Lillini.

Atlas: Vargas, Barbosa, Santamaria, Nervo, Anglo, Reyes, Torres, Rocha, Marquez, Ferch and Quinones. DT: Diego Coca.

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Meridavo’s goal 3-1 against Poomas. United States. (Video: TUDN)

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