Valentina Liscano said she was abused in her youth

Valentina Liscano In her book Sanaa Lokura it is difficult to say two revelations: she was repeatedly sexually abused from the age of five and had an abortion at the age of 19.

Actress and Sample Galena, who is currently pregnant with her partner, Italian businessman Giulio Lannelli, supports the ‘We are all one’ foundation. The organization cares about the rights of women in Latin America, but above all it focuses Maternity Desired.

About the episode Abuse The person in charge, who lived for five years, said he was the director of a kindergarten. The 37-year-old actress has revealed Herald The man took advantage of her when he went on the road and touched her feet.

The second episode of Sexual Abuse was experienced by her ex-boyfriend Mommy, He kissed her on the mouth without permission. “I told my mom, she finished it right away,” he says.

Liscano admits that his mother was there too Victim Abuse, but by someone who was part of the family circle.

Actress, mother of a boy named Salvador, Urges parents to train themselves on sexual issues, and to develop self-esteem and self-love in children so that they have the ability to defend themselves against the situations he or she is experiencing. Childhood.

Unfortunately for Liskano another episode of persecution was repeated, already in its infancy Professional. The actress described Herald When he worked for a Colombian channel, he asked for a pay rise for the time he was on a plan.

“A person told me he was going to help me with the application. One day he invited me for lunch and then he started overeating. I immediately brought the situation to his attention. Canal Necessary corrections were made ”.

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When asked why some artists decide to describe these Experiences He says that once they have already gained fame, everyone should live their process, which is not what they want to attract attention or appear through these complaints.

“It simply came to our notice then. Every person takes their own process, which is something people need to understand. The Artist Feels like other people, “he said.

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