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For four years the young scientist Lianny Pérez Gómez, together with the joy of doing science at the Bioplant Center of the University of Ciego de Ávila Máximo Gómez Báez, has had to collide with deficiencies and limitations that put a brake on the country’s agricultural development. If the economic, commercial and financial blockade did not exist, the path for agricultural biotechnology would be easier and she lives it every day in her own flesh.

“We cannot purchase necessary equipment, spare parts, chemical reagents, and culture media from US firms. Many times we must turn to distant countries such as China and Germany to obtain what we need and this increases costs.

“The blockade makes it difficult for Cuban scientists to participate in international congresses and limits the possibility of disseminating our results. In addition, it complicates the procedures for possible investments in science, and limiting the visit of foreign colleagues affects the export of products created or patented here.

“Nor can it be ignored that it is essential to review high-impact bibliography, but there are restrictions on access to important publications and websites, which delays our work.”

But since a scientist always has to look for alternatives and crossed arms are not worth it, both the group of this center and Lianny work without regard and with an eye on one of the many studies they carry out.

Thus, they intend to prevent the extinction of endemic plants and study their properties to obtain organic products for use in agriculture and human health. They know that investigating with creativity, innovation and persistence are formulas for success in our context.

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