Eduin Caz keeps his promise! Decorate the house of a boy who sings on the border of Tijuana and the United States

Eduyin Kos, singer of Grubo Firmin Fulfilling his promise to the follower, a few weeks ago the artist was moved by the story of the boy who sang his songs on the border line. Tijuana And United States And promised to help him.

By video call எடுயின் Was contacted Emiliano A 12-year-old boy, who introduced himself as an avid fan, said he was explaining some of the popular Grupo Firme pieces to bring home a living with his grandmother and siblings.

The Artist He was shocked to see everything he was told and said he would accept the responsibility of sending some to him Home appliances And Furniture So they lived comfortably in their home.

In a video, Telemundo announced that several gifts had arrived at the young singer’s home TV, A Refrigerator, A Stove, A Dining or dining room, A Bed Married, a punk and a Chair Some things provided by the translator “Pass me already.”

Gabriela Baron Contreras He noted that his grandson has a high level of recognition and that he has nicknames “Boy of the line”He also said that as the news spread virally, some others had offered to help them with food, clothing and education.

When will it be in January Emiliano Start with course classes and private tutors that will help you organize and capture your lessons.

The last was missed in connection with the promise எடுயின் Towards Emiliano Meet in person and sing some songs Organizational Committee Together, the baby will undoubtedly be very happy.

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