The FBI has arrested Larry Ramos, an associate of Ninel Conte in Miami

Ninel Conte and Larry Ramos travel to the Latin American Music Awards in Miami (Photo: Instagram @ twtlr / in ninelconde)

Colombian businessman Larry Ramos accused of cheating millionaire in US He was arrested in Florida after several months of criminal proceedings against him Ninel Conte’s partner was brought in by more than 10 people who committed fraud.

Larry Ramos was arrested in Miami, Ninal Conte’s husband under federal charges, “she wrote Wake up America, SPour the soup Provided a document from Federal Bureau of Prisons: “Larry Ramos was arrested by the FBI.” The 34-year-old businessman is known to have defrauded at least 200 people, with only a few of them pursuing legal action against him.

Than fraud $ 22 million, Alejandra Guzman, one of the victims, is said to have committed fraud in Colombia after befriending her daughter Frida Sofia. Ramos was persecuted in Mexico and the United States for the millionaire scam he committed with representatives of artists.

Larry Ramos had a low profile after being accused of fraud by a millionaire (photo: screenshot)
Larry Ramos had a low profile after being accused of fraud by a millionaire (photo: screenshot)

Translator at this time Killer Hottie, He said on several occasions that he did not know the details of the proceedings against his boyfriend, but that he fully believed in his innocence, for which he was branded as “in love” and “cheated”.

The mode of action of entrepreneurs It consisted of offering a business opportunity to various delegates, celebrities and exhibitors “Invest” in a kind of pyramid formula.

Following the revelation of Larry’s arrest, the FBI file was released. Identification number of a Colombian businessman 40177-509. The result will appear when you enter the search section of persons detained by the US company and enter that number Ninel Conte’s boyfriend data However, The website did not provide a date for his arrest.

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In late 2020, the couple held a religious ceremony to reunite as a couple (photo: screenshot)
In late 2020, the couple held a religious ceremony to reunite as a couple (photo: screenshot)

The person involved was held by the FBI at Miami City Airport, where it is in his custody.

Apparently Larry Ramos and Ninell attended the awards ceremony Latin American Music Awards When he was transferred to the airport, he was arrested; So far he has not testified before any authority.

One of the victims was Guillermo Carbazal Larry Ramos, Provided details of the process the object would face during the first interview given to the project. Victims say the FBI has stopped treating the case as a civilian offense from the criminal department.Further, he assured that there was nothing but waiting for the investigations to be carried out by the authorities at this time. To find 22 million who are said to have enterprenuer.

For his part Window Cynthia Vellard, a lawyer for Alejandra Guzman, was interviewed by one of the first victims of a fraudulent scheme implemented by Larry Ramos. It was detailed in the conversation that the suspect seeks to reach an agreement to grant bail Take your process for free.

Ramos' entry into the FBI could be verified (photo: screenshot)
Ramos’ entry into the FBI could be verified (photo: screenshot)

He was arrested because an arrest warrant was issued. Larry Ramos was transferred to a prison in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; He was immediately strangled and it is known that Ninel was released, says Pathi Sapphire.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Frida was the mother of Sofia Guzman He was legally prosecuted against Larry Ramos for fraud; From that moment on, many victims decided to do this. The lawyer explained that the businessman could spend many years in prison if the money “disappeared”.

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Regarding Ninel Conte, it is not known whether he stayed in that city or returned to Mexico, this time Alejandra Guzmனும்n did not speak.

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