Universal Charger | Apple starts bending the law: iPhone 15 changes its charger

On October 4, 2022, the European Parliament approved the provision Universal charger In all countries European union (EU)With the aim of creating less waste and users don’t have to pile up more cables than they need at home.

He model Selected as the only charger USB Type-CThis is what most ‘smartphones’ are already used for, except iphone of Manjana Hence, the company was one of the main opponents of this move, as it suffered greatly.

However, before this law, there are no possible maneuvers, and even though the EU has given a deadline until the fall of 2024, Apple has no choice but to obey it.

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Most Apple products (devices and accessories) come with a Lightning port. But, as the company already announced when the law was approved, the new iPhones that went on sale will already include the new charger, not its own charger as it already had. Some models of iPad and MacThey already had USB-C. And so it happened: the next day 12 Apple presents the new iPhone, 15, and it is connected to an innovation with respect to the iPhone 14: it has a USB-C charger.

Additionally, some analysts have argued that Apple will work on an adapter that can be used with accessories that still have a ‘Lightning’ port. There will be a couple of years when the two ports will be together Among the tech company’s offerings is an increase in accessory offerings with the new port.

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