When and why the Sun will “eat” the Earth

The natural process in the Sun’s life is one of the most intensively reviewed factors in determining Earth’s fate.

Few things are as certain as truth Everything has an end. There is evidence every day that this is a reality that must be faced at some point. Uncertainty, here it is “when”. In this regard, since ancient times, mankind has been wondering how it could be The end of our planet. There are many scenarios proposed, and many different foundations, but, of course, they are consequential Scientific predictions That’s what creates the most intrigue. This poses major risks land In a large proportion of astronomical phenomena, being the sun and their changes are points of special interest.

Recently an article was published in the magazine NatureBecause of this An observation made by scientists from various American research centers. The document shows how An extraterrestrialWith attributes like Jupiter, was “Swallowed” by the Star Your planetary system.

Hence, event is a product Natural growth Stars are charged within their orbits. For the same reason, this change in dimensions the sun What is happening is not entirely new. For example, there is a video made by the European Space Agency (ESA) in which you can see how our star travels. Gradually increase in size.

When will the sun “eat” the earth?

Images collected by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Caltech and other institutions The last moment of an extraterrestrial. It was, according to the records Consumed by its starAs a result of expansion. Know the conditions The Solar SystemScientists calculate that the same fate may await Earth, Mercury and VenusBecause of its proximity the sun.

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According to the publication of these experts, on which date The sun will “eat” the earth.And other mentioned stars are approximate 5 billion years. It should be added that this remaining time is longer than the blue planet is estimated to have existed.

KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE Photo Library/Getty Images

The Expansion of stars All of them are caused by burning Hydrogen placed in their centers. When that fuel runs out, glowing bodies begin to grow and become visible “Red Giants”.

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It must be added that the importance of the work in question lies in this First time that eventIts consequences have already been stated, observed.

“This kind of event It has been predicted for decadesBut until now we have never observed how this process unfolds,” said Kishale D, lead author of the study.

The experts involved in the mission used different terrestrial observatories and the space telescope NEOWISE. The images that led them to their conclusions.

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