Ramiro Rocca saved Real Espana’s defeat against Motagua


Real Sociedad 2-0 Marathon – Done
Olancho FC 1-2 Genesis – Completed
Real Spain 3-3 Motagua – Done

Min 90+5: End of the match. Real Espana and Motagua drew 3-3 at the Olympic Stadium at the end of Matchday 6 of the National League. Aurinegra figures to equalize in injury time by Ramiro Rocca.

Min 90+1: Real Espana’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ramiro Rocca scores 3-3 against Motagua. Filmed by Carlos Mejia, Rougier released it and Rocca didn’t miss a beat. The Argentina goalkeeper called the free kick.

Min 90: Five more minutes will be played at the Olympic Stadium.

Min 85: Real España press for an equalizer. Modagua defends everything.

Min 81: Real Spain 2-3 Motagua.

Min 75: Change in Motagua, Jairo Roces enters and Carlos Argueta leaves.

Min 72: Ketzel Montes’ shot goes wide of Rougier’s goal.

Min 70: UUUUUFFF… Terrible mistake by Augustine Osmendi. Campana made it work and the Argentine couldn’t define alone in front of Perello’s goal.

Min 65: Real Spain came close to equalizing. Juan Vieira took a right hand that went past Rougier’s right post.

Minute 54: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Walter Martinez from Motaqua made it 3-2 with a shot from outside the area that went for a corner.

Min 49: Real Spain’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ramiro Rocca scored in a 2-2 draw against Motagua. Juan Vieira’s low cross from the right and the attacker finished with his left foot at the height of the penalty mark.

Min 46: The second half begins at the Olympic Stadium. Four changes in a single window made Jose Valladolid the coach of Real Espana. Ramiro Rocca, Roberto Osardo, Christopher Pike and Ian Mejia entered.

Olancho / min 90: End of the match. Roberto Moreira’s brace helped Genesis beat Botros 2-1 at Olancho.

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Min 45+5: At the end of the first half, Motagua came from behind and beat Real Espana 2-1 thanks to goals from Osmendi and Lucas Campana in a classic match.

Min 45+2: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Motagua, Lucas Campana scored from the penalty spot to make it 2-1 against Real Espana.

Min 45: Penalty in favor of Motagua. Tatum made a clear foul on Osmendi.

Minute 34: Darixon says the Vuelto is a criminal offence, but Syed has not fined anything.

Minute 30: Agustin Osmendi scored GOOOOOOOOOOOL from Modagua to draw 1-1 against Real Espana. Good control, he turns and hits a left cross. Osmendi’s first goal with Motagua in the National League.

Minute 25: Agustín Osmendi scored the tie in short order. Low center and the Argentine finished with his right foot, but Perello was alert to save his team.

Minute 23: Lucas Campana claims a criminal foul, but referee Sait Martinez says there is none. Ketzel Montes charged against the blue attack.

Olancho / min 60: GOOOOOOOOOOOL by Roberto Moreira. Genesis won 2-1 against Botros.

Minute 13: Real Espana’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scoring Real Madrid’s Tarikson Vulto in their 1-0 win over Motagua at the Olimpico. A mix-up between Galindo and Jonathan Rougier led to the ball being released to Tariksson, who finished as soon as he found the goal.

Min 90+3: Real Sociedad stun Marathon 2-0 at the end of the game in Togowa. They are second in the National League with nine points.

Olancho min 45+2: At the end of the first half, Olancho FC and Genesis are tied 1-1 at the Juan Ramon Brave Stadium.

– Agustin Osmendi, the Argentinian striker from Motagua, hopes to score in this Sunday’s Clasico against Real Espana. In Concacaf it unfolded in stark contrast to the national league.

– Real Spain line out against Motagua: Mikel Perello, Quetzal Montes, Mikel Perez, Oscar Roy Villa, Joe Benawitz, Darickson Vulto, Wisdom Guay, Alison Rivas, Juan Vieira, Carlos Mejia, Anfranid Tatum.

– Motagua confirms the starting 11 to face Real España at the Olympic Stadium: Jonathan Rougier, Carlos Argueta, Galindo, Carlos Melendez, Wesly Decas, Carlos Mejía, Maldonado, Denis Meléndez, Walter Martínez, Lucas Campana and Agdiustímenu.

– Soccer players from Motagua and Real Espana are already training at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula.

Minute 50: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Real Sociedad, Shalton Arzu scored a 2-0 goal against Marathon to define one-on-one with Samudio. Great help from Jorge Cardona.

Olancho / min 7: GOOOOOOOOOOOL for Colts, Kemsey Abbott with a powerful right cross to win 1-1 against Genesis. Goalkeeper Gerson Argueta could do nothing.

Olancho / min 2: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Genesis, Roberto Moreira scored 1-0 against Botros early in the game. Captioned from right to center by Yeer Gutiérrez and Moreira.

Olancho / min 1: The game kicks off at the Juan Ramon Brave Vargas Stadium, with the Colts pitted against the Genesis of Tilquat.

– Olancho Colts’ 11th squad has already been confirmed to face Harold Fonseca, Oscar Almenderes, Nelson Munoz, Alan Garcamo, Fabricio Silva, Rainieri Mayorquin, Henry Gomez, Altamirano, Mario Martinez, Chems Abbott Sous Pat, Jose, Genesis.

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Min 45+3: Real Sociedad beat Marathon 1-0 with a goal from Ronnie Martinez at the end of the first half in Tokowa.

Minute 40: UUUFFF… Real Sociedad saved. Shot by Clavin Zuniga, “Banchy” Reyes had the ball to Pablo Ryan, who smashed the ball into the upright. It had a small angle.

– This is the pitch of the Olympic Stadium for the classic match between Real España and Motagua, scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

– In Olancho, Genesis’ starting 11 to face the Colts has already been confirmed: Gerson Argueta, Sergio Pena, Yair Gutierrez, Oscar Discua, Daniel Melendez, Angel Fialos, Juan Lasso, Alejandro Reyes, GregoriRasri, ErberliRasri, Erberlirasri, Con Gutierrez.

Minute 26: Two changes in the marathon, Cristian Chacaza and Tamin Ramirez enter. Isaac Castillo and Alan Panegas leave.

Min 19: Real Sociedad’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Ronnie Martinez scores 1-0 against Marathon with a header from Jorge Cardona’s corner kick.

Minute 16: Real Sociedad 0-0 Marathon.

Minute 8: UUUUFFFF… Marathon saved. Arzu’s low cross from the right wing and Diego Reyes reached the far post but couldn’t clear the ball.

Minute 5: The game was halted after Real Sociedad’s Ortiz struck hard against the goal post, which was saved by Cesar Zamudio.

Minute 1: The game kicks off in Tocoa, with Real Sociedad and Marathon clashing for the sixth match of the Apertura 2023 tournament.

2:49 pm: This is the 11th race of the Salomon Nasser Marathon: Cesar Samudio, Sebastian Gorga, Andre Orellana, Javier Arriaga, Johnny Leveron, Samuel Elvir, Alan Panegas, I. Castillo, Sordo, Clavin Zuniga and Pablo Ryan.

A marathon line-up against Real Sociedad.

2:40 PM: Real Sociedad’s 11 holder confirmed: Francisco Reyes; Pozantes, Ortiz, César Oseguera, Bernárdez, “Camello” Delgado, Jorge Cardona, Martínez, Arzú, Diego Reyes and Rony Martínez.

This is how Real Sociedad will play against Marathon.

2:30 PM: Minute-by-minute welcome to the remaining three matches of Day 6 of the Apertura 2023 tournament. Real Sociedad vs Marathon, Olancho FC vs Génesis and Real España vs Marathon.

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