UJC lies that director of ‘Alma Matter’ fired, Armando Franco Sen condemns

Armando Franco Senan, Former Director Of the magazine Alma MatterHis departure from the media revealed that he was not a “liberator.” Because, as he said Aileen Alvarez, First Secretary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) And member of the State Council, that political body “Moving Images”.

Referring to the “clarification” of the facts by Alvarez after the complaints appeared on the networks, Franco Senen underlined: “In the arguments presented in this post, the media editor Edora April’s executive position is only a matter of responsibility. The UJC’s National Committee and its staff. The rest of the clarifications are not true or consistent with what happened in my case. “

According to a detailed article published in his journal Facebook wallOn April 26, he was invited to a meeting in which the ideological position of the National Committee of the UJC, Nisle Molina and Editor-in-Chief Azil Alonso Troto announced their decision to remove him from office.

“At my request for an explanation, both said it ‘The decision approved on April 20 is the result of a series of errors in the editorial work of the newspaper’. There was always a document on the table that clearly consulted the two to list those ‘bugs’, “he said.

“For ethical reasons I did not include details of the works pointed out; in my opinion, with the exception of two correct comments that were edited at the time, the remaining texts may have been excellent journal results. Alma Matter During my movement.

“I tried to explain to them the nonsense they exposed at that meeting. The UJC officer interrupted me and, by other rude criteria, I now politely avoided: ‘We should have thrown you out a long time ago and had nothing to speak about, we are doing our part to help you get free. You. You can do whatever you want, it’s our decision, ”he was quoted as saying.

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For his part, the director of Editora April, a division of the UJC, attested to what he said, “every time he commented ‘when he warned me of my failures’, with the significant intention of fulfilling responsibilities,” Franco Senen said. .

“Due to the refusal to talk to the committee, the disagreement over the ‘publication’ and the lack of explanations for it, some members of the press demanded their withdrawal. There were no pressures or conditions. In each case, it was a personal decision. Decided to be a journalist and editorial secretary. The rest, all young people, are looking for other workplaces today. “Said the former director of Alma Matter.

“Although it has been repeatedly stated in these two weeks that this action is the result of a natural renewal process, it is difficult to believe that this is the cause. (…) The process of not adding a workplace or director for me Alma MatterThe work of the magazine was not guaranteed as soon as it was published. Making changes is inappropriate Alma Matter When publishers experience a crisis of managers and journalists for ‘natural’ reasons “.

According to Franco Senan, during a meeting with the UJC leadership, official Nisle Molina told him, “Carla Santana, president of the Federation of University Students of Cuba (FEU), participated in the cadre commission and contributed elements against it. Your administration Alma Matter To the FEU, ” he was quoted as saying.

“It simply came to our notice then Alma Matter Over the past two years they have found that information about the lives of FEU, Cuban universities and university students is a priority for us. Of course, from the point of view of our team. There is a lot of content that has been published to prove it, “he said.

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“During her months as FEU’s national president, Karla Santana did not express any dissatisfaction with the work of the newspaper. So far, the FEU has not ruled on what happened Alma Matter. We received expressions of surprise and disappointment from almost all members of the FEU’s National Secretariat, heads of various universities and students from various faculties across the country. It is worth noting that it does not respond to the interests of any FEU. Alma Matter? “

“During these 15 days, I met with the official Enrique Villandas [funcionario del Departamento Ideológico del Comité Central del Partido Comunista, que administra la política editorial y de los medios de comunicación en Cuba] And the trio with Rogelio Polanko, head of the ideological department of the CC-PCC. The latter explained to me that even if he decides to release me, it is a promotion; Did not respond to problems with Alma Matter“.

“During the last exchange, last Friday, Rogelio Bolanco offered me a job, which I politely declined.Although it is an option that has a lot to do with my professional intentions, ”he said.

Franco Senan has been quiet since a barrage of denials erupted amid official voices as he was announced to be ousted at the end of April.

The official Trooper of Cuba Silvio Rodríguez described the journalist’s dismissal as “tragic” He added that he was concerned because “the revolution ends in counter-revolution.” And in the comments posted on his blog his opponents appear or end up being “revolutionaries”, Second date.

Further Israel Rojas Feil, the leader of the Fuena Fay group, showed his support for Franco Senan. And through a publication published on his social networks they asked him to be in charge of the magazine BohemiaBecause “perhaps such a historic and necessary publication has been restored”.

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For his part, the president of the Official Press Association of Cuba (UPEC), Ricardo Ronculo Bello said he was “sorry” for the decision Taken by UJC.

Given this, The first secretary of the UJC promised “liberation.” (Discourse used by the bureaucracy of the regime to refer to the suspension of an officer from office) “It has nothing to do with eviction or permission,” said Franco Senan.

In a post on his social networks, he said, “His departure occurs as a natural renewal process and responds to the policy of UJC and country employees, who can traditionally contribute to young people like him in other areas of their respective careers.

He added, “In his particular case, it was proposed to integrate it into another necessary communication program, which he was informed a few days ago.”

However, Franco Xenon had told Diario de Cuba Fired him “by the organization he belongs to Alma Matter. Other than that, I don’t have much to talk about. You will understand that there is heat in this moment and that there is an open process around it. We are in delivery and at this time I can not tell you anything else.

Commenting on the possibility of appealing the decision of the official body, the journalist said, “I do not have an option to evaluate now.”

At the end of this post, social networking profiles Alma Matter Azel Alonso Troto was declared “relieved” of his duties and replaced by Adonis Subit Lami, the official who ran the official newspapers. September 5From Cienfuegos, and GironFrom Matanzas.

“Approved to run our magazine Santiago Gers MastelierBelonging to the press Rebellious youth And was a member of their social media team ” The reference was pointed out.

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