Luis Theas Today: Video of a fan-angry play

Luis Diaz continues to recognize himself as the best Colombian player Abroad, because during his time at Liverpool he showed excellent signs of quality and became an important part of the Jurgen Globe.

According to the above, the farmer Was instrumental in his team’s victory against Aston Villa For the Premier League – passing-, but the probability of winning the Premier has decreased.

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That’s after that Draw ‘Reds’ against Tottenham Where Dias scored a goal-, The gap with Manchester City widened Who is somewhat the leader of the competition.

Also, there are a lot of disagreements from some fans with the team The Colombian player paid for broken foods on social networks.

In a video posted by Liverpool on Instagram, The farmer was seen in pre-game training at Villa ParkMaking a ‘luxury move’.

The above allowed for many positive comments from the page followers, but There were those who showed their mania.

What was the Liverpool fan’s criticism of Louis Diaz?

“If we start working on the pitch without screwing in the warm-up, we can stop losing points.” Is the impassioned opinion of the fan.

In addition, There were responses to such a comment showing their support for the Colombians And the ‘Reds’ team that had a setback against Spurs.

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For now, the player hopes to get at least two of the three titles he continues to fight The Champions League is one of the most eye-catching.

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