Trump says he's surprised Taylor Swift won as a liberal

Former President Donald Trump Believed to be the most popular singer in her country, Taylor Swift“exceptionally beautiful,” but he also calls her a “liberal” (progressive) and considers himself convinced that she hates him.

His statements were reported today by Variety in an editorial preview of Ramin Setude's book 'Apprentice in Wonderland', which chronicles Trump's years as a reality TV star before entering politics.

As part of the book, Setoodeh interviewed Trump last November for cultural phenomenon Swift – who was named 'Person of the Year' by Time the following month – and the former president had only words for his physique.

I think she is very beautiful! I find her very beautiful …. I've heard she's very talented,” he says, adding about her physique: “In fact, she's exceptionally beautiful.”

Mid-sentence, she admits she doesn't think like him: “I think he's a liberal (and) he probably doesn't like Trump,” she says, with her usual use of the third person to refer to herself.

“Is she a liberal (a word that means 'progressive' in the US), or is that just an indicator?” Trump asks the interviewer. Is he really a liberal? It amazes me that a country star can achieve success by being so generous.” he insists.

While Swift has not hidden her feminist views in the past and publicly supported Joe Biden in 2020 — with a tweet in which she accused Trump of “inciting racism and white supremacy” — she has yet to speak out in 2024, when the country is more polarized than ever.

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