Texas has two new millionaires: Baytown and Tomball residents win millions of dollars in the lottery

Houston, Texas- The Texas Lottery has confirmed this Harris County has two new millionaires.

First winner from residents Baytown that won $3 million in the 500X Loteria Spectacular scratch ticket game.

The lucky one who decided to remain anonymous The ticket was purchased from Angels Bayway LLC, located at 7119 Bayway Drive.

This was the first of four $3 million jackpots claimed in this game.

The 500X Lotería Espectacular offers over $309.5 million in total prizes. The total odds of winning any prize in the game is 1 in 3.21, including credit prizes.

Second winner of quick pick

The second winner is A A Tomball resident who won $3 million at Mega Millions.

The ticket was purchased from Polar Express #3, located at 2340 Blalock Road (Suite A), in Houston.

The new millionaire also decided not to reveal his identity.

The winning Quick Pick ticket using the Megaplier® matched all five numbers on the ticket The white ball (46-54-56-67-70) was drawn, but not the big ball (16). The number of megapliers was 3.

Mega Millions is played by choosing five numbers from a field of 70 and the Mega Ball number from a second field of 25 numbers. To win the Mega Millions jackpot, players must match all six drawn numbers, including the Mega Ball.

How to claim a lottery prize?

The ticket is not considered valid until it is presented for payment Complies with verification requirements established by the Commission.

You can also claim the prize by mail and the ticket and claim form can be found here here, It must be sent before the deadline stated on the ticket itself.

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It should be directed to the Texas Lottery Commission with attention to: Austin Claims Center, PO Box 16600, Austin, TX 78761-6600.

You may take the prize 8 to 12 weeks to be processed.

Lucky stores in houston

In the Houston area, there are at least five stores that are considered lucky because many lottery players have become millionaires after purchasing their tickets there. These are institutions.


Winning the lottery jackpot is a dream for many people, especially after Mega Millions raised $1.1 billion.

Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision


“There are two types of ways to pay taxes when you win the lottery, one for citizens and one for people without immigration status,” explains Tanya M. Martinez of Tamy Tax Preparation & Plus.

credit: Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision

Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision


Citizens will pay between 25 to 30 percent in taxes on the lottery prize.

credit: Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision

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Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision


Those who are not citizens and do not have specific immigration status must pay between 30 and 40 percent.

credit: Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision

Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision
Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision


He explained, “The other way to deliver the lottery prize is in monthly installments over 30 years.”

credit: Rodolfo Sanchez / Univision

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The expert explained that when the winner goes to declare his taxes, the government will send him a form to declare the money he earned annually.

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A person must pay taxes if the lottery prize they win is more than $600.

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Since no one has won the prize yet, the value of the Mega Millions jackpot has reached $1.1 billion, which is the second largest prize in US history.

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