Simple trick to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

We will teach you this trick to find out what your friend wrote and deleted on WhatsApp. You won't need to install another app because very few people know how to do that.

Thanks to WhatsApp's latest updates, anyone can delete a message if you've made a mistake or sent it to the wrong person, but that leaves others who see the “message deleted” text wondering what was deleted.

In this sense, we will tell you a simple trick that we discovered and that very few people know. An option is hidden in your smartphone Allows you to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Trick to View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Note that this trick is not available on all cell phones and can only be activated if you have a Samsung device.

  • Go to your Android smartphone's Settings and then go to the 'Notifications' tab. Click Advanced Settings. You will see a new button called “Notification History”.
  • You need to activate it to get all WhatsApp alerts without any change. If someone sends you a message and deletes it, you can easily read what they said.
  • However, there is a limitation as you can only see the last 3 messages received on WhatsApp. We recommend that you always check your messages if your contact decides to delete the message within seconds.

How to fix a deleted message on WhatsApp?

If you want to delete the text for everyone, click “For You” and follow these steps to fix it.

  • Initially check if you have the latest version of WhatsApp or download it from Google Play or iOS Store.
  • Then, go to any conversation, click on the message you want to delete, and select “For You.”
  • At that point, a 5-second counter will appear below so you can undo that option.
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