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TV shows produced by world-renowned actor and writer Roberto Gomez Polanos, such as “El Chao del 8”, “Cesprito” and ““They were widely accepted by the television audience, which allowed them to spread from generation to generation. What sets these products apart is the significant names of the characters.

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In Chaplain Colorado In each episode they showed us – a different story that always had a leading character and an enemy who ended up confronting the hero in a red and yellow costume, and finally, being able to control the situation.

However, one of the most controversial characters that everyone remembers was named “Gujinois”, A villain played by the actor .


In Cujinois He was able to learn some of the information he needed to highlight because he had a large scar on his left cheek as a sign of criminal activity such as whether he was a dangerous villain or thugs.

He was an ally “Minina”, Description Florida Mesa, And “Dry gut”, This is no one else Ramon Valdes; Except for him “Shori”, Responsible character Ruben Aguirre.

El Chabulin is one of the comedy shows created by Colorado Roberto Gomez Polanos.

Sometimes he is seen in the guise of an old western man, smoking a cigar, other times he appears as a thug in the city, doing his wrong deeds at any cost.

With a bad voice and unpleasant character he was listed as the most dangerous and most feared sniper in the Old West.

What will it do?

In the robberies made Cujinois There is a bank robbery and everyone fears him for killing the sheriffs. His first appearance was in 1973 in the painting “El Jeff de la Banda” by Los Coquitos.

In Chaplin 69 of Colorado “Although Gujinois is dressed in silk, the monkey stays”. The toy that misleads the enemy. However, despite this, he did not achieve his plans and was defeated by Chaplin Colorado.

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