Science confirms the correct body temperature, and it's not what we all thought


This is the correct body temperature according to science

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the The correct body temperature that we have all come to expect It is not what science confirms. In order for the human body to be healthy, it must be in it. Temperature changes such as those we have experienced have brought us into the age of the thermometer.

Colds, but above all, the dreaded fever, are what accompany us on the days when we have the thermometer with us. From now on maybe we should keep in mind that there is a number for everything, we have been wrong for a long time.

Correct body temperature

Alerts start going off When we start to notice those goosebumps accompanying something else. A sensation of heat or cold prompts us to use a thermometer. It is time to prepare to face change, which must be fundamental, especially among the young.

A state of instability that is so present that it forces us to stay at home or perhaps seek second medical advice. The truth is that it is a way in which the human body sends us those signals that we want to find to know that everything is working properly.

The German physician Karl Reinhold August Wunderlich in the mid-nineteenth century was the one who established the current limit, which probably has nothing to do with the current limit. We must keep in mind that everything has changed a lot today, as the temperatures of the planet itself have risen to unexpected limits for those times.

We can easily reach an external temperature of more than 45 degrees Celsius, and this means that we will also have to adapt our body to it. The temperature that we thought was normal, maybe it is not, but it had to be corrected by experts.

Before panic begins and all the rules that we thought were stable fall. We must keep in mind that an increase in body temperature is noticeable and also depends on the condition of each person. It is another signal that the body sends to us that we can never ignore.

Before you scramble for a new doctor or thermometer, keep in mind the new guidelines that have been implemented. Time changes and so does the temperature that is considered normal for the body. A reference that we must take into account.

Science doesn't agree

The coronavirus is the latest major pandemic to leave on the table a disease that may or may not affect you. Some never had it and others had several relapses with illness that was accompanied by high body temperature. One or two days of fever, maybe more depending on the person.

Today it is considered so Between 36 and 37Without specifying an exact number, it is calculated that the temperature is normal. Keeping in mind that there are several places from which this number can be obtained, we will therefore be very attentive to this data that we must take into account.

At the end of the journey, what also affects is whether we are healthy or not. The truth is that fever doesn't affect everyone in the same way either. So it makes us aware of any other symptoms or signs that can help the doctor know what is happening to our body that we might not have known about.

This change comes to put on the table that nothing is fixed or stable, it depends on each person, but also on their situation. Age or recent changes you've been exposed to, whether you've been exercising or are at home covered with several blankets, obviously affect the temperature.

If you suffer from a high temperature, it is recommended to bathe in cold water or put on cold clothes to lower the temperature. You should also consult a specialist if it is too high, as it can have health consequences that can be serious. It's easy to check your temperature beforehand and make sure it's an emergency.

The human body is usually governed by a series of basic elements that we may not know about. This fever is necessary to fight off some of the elements that affect us, such as infections and some viruses. The increase in temperature is used as a means of defense for the body.

If the temperature exceeds certain limits, you must go to the doctor and take medication to be able to deal with the fever that can cause discomfort that affects the person completely. Of course, as long as the matter was serious or lasted several days, which would not be common. A fever for a day or two doesn't have to be a problem, quite the opposite. It is common in some diseases that we may not have known about. Now you have a reference for body temperature.

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