“League of Nations is very important”


The Honduras Football Federation (FFH) seems satisfied after starting 2026 World Cup Qualifiers With perfect progress in Group A after wins against Cuba And Bermuda.

Bicolor Catracha beat Bermuda 6-1 on Sunday and will now focus on the June 16 friendly against Ecuador. Vice President Francisco 'Tattoo' Let's say He responded to the media after returning to the country.

“What needs to be done is to start with six points, not only that, but we have seen players who have come to add to the list of national team footballers. Yesterday David Ruiz played 90 minutes, the boy from Marathon (Javier Arriaga) made his debut in Tegucigalpa, Gervin Arriaga looks very familiar, the leaders appear and Professor Rueda's hand “It's already starting to show. Those are the games that give us confidence to face the competition,” commented the Honduran federation.

The Honduran Football Federation confirms the reason for Bupa López's departure from the Honduras concentration

“Caribbean teams are complicated, sometimes you underestimate them, you still think it's a walk to get there, but let's remember that Trinidad and Tobago knocked us out of a World Cup painfully, so it's not easy to face these islands. “Because of the unknown, the ball bounced strangely, but the boys knew how to respond,” he added.

Dado Saibe He mentioned what would be the final round of qualifiers CONCACAF, consisting of 12 teams divided into three groups of four members each. Manager Honduras Confirmed that the seeds would be the three best-placed teams FIFA ranking.

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The tie will be difficult, especially if we win the Nations League matches, we can lead the group, otherwise, we will play in a complicated group, it will be very difficult, there will be nothing left here,” he said in this regard.

“The ranking is important, everything else is irrelevant, whether you top the group undefeated or come second, the ranking will give you the seed for the finals,” he said. Let's say.

Vice President of Honduran Federation Highlighted the importance of the next official games League of Nations. In September and October, Baikal (1,431) will face Jamaica (1,677), which has a significant distance from it in the ranking.

“The most important matches are against the Nations League Jamaica Because it's a direct competitor, we'll go up and they'll go down, and that's important. That Costa Rica (1,621) And Jamaica “If they have a backlog on the official dates, it's in Honduras' interest,” Sipe said.

The federation promised to play in America's Cup It will not be counterproductive if the Ticos and Jamaica lose their matches in the continent's highest competition.

“It will hurt if they lose, but it also helps them to qualify, so they won't suffer in any big way. Our competitions, the Nations League, are the ones that define us, that's why it was difficult for us to get out of the Copa America because we could have surpassed many people in the rankings,” he noted.

What does the Honduras national team need to qualify for the final round of Concacaf qualifying for the 2026 World Cup?

Headquarters of 'H'

Dado Saibe He was very candid about where the national team would like to play its Nations League home games against Trinidad and Tobago (September 6) and Jamaica (September 10).

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“As a member of the federation, in my personal opinion, I will play in Tegucigalpa, but since the Morazan Stadium will be at the national level, it depends on the weight given by the coaching staff,” he said at the first event.

“I think the Caribbean teams in the country are difficult, because Tegucigalpa has an unspoken altitude, but it is not at sea level, rather it has a different climate, where we have had good results. If you ask me, I will play in Tegucigalpa, but in the end it is a college decision. For Honduras, The 'problem' of where to play with two good stadiums is a big deal,” concluded the Football Federation's vice-president.

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