On another show was rival Alex Stoica of Puteria Dragosti. Where else did that young man participate?

Alex Stoica is the new contender for Putaria Dragoste, the young man who won the girls from the first appearance. What many are unaware of is that the man took part in another match, which in the past was Coal D.

Gelianul was a candidate for the reality show Exotlon, where he was inspired by his physical acting, and the sport is one of his hobbies. The young man stood alone in the match, where he fought for the Warriors and gave his all for his team.

Alex Stoica, an athlete from a very young age, has been working in the field of sales in a field in the United States. Competitor The 28-year-old did not give up sports for good, proof that his body worked well in the gym.

Who is Alex Stoyka, the new rival of Putaria Dragosti? Participated in Exotlan

“I’ve been playing sports since I was 11. I did athletics for 8 years, and then I did boxing a year after I finished high school, and then realized it was too late to do boxing.

Then I wanted to do another sport so I could go to the Olympics because I loved them so much. I did kayaking, the third sport I practiced for many years until 2016.
I left because there were some issues at the federation level.

Since then I have been a personal trainer and tried the fitness area, winning some prizes in competitions, at the club where we work at Kalasi ”, Told the young man who was at home in Turkey.

The man who took part in Exotlon also revealed that he inherited his interest in sports from his father. Unfortunately, he lost his father in 2019, and Alex Stoica was strongly marked by this unpleasant event.

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Ex Warrior He will remember this moment when he was kicked out of the game and regretted not being able to talk to his father before he died. Fortunately, the man from Kalasi has resigned himself and is now more determined than ever to be happy.

Puteria Dragoste’s new rival Connel D has signed on to a dating show with the idea of ​​starting a family with someone. Alex Stoyka has already set his sights on a woman with whom he had an intimate discussion in the red room.

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