Dominican basketball star Hugo Cabrera has died

“El Inmenso” Hugo Cabrera, one of the immortals of the Dominican game and one of the greatest figures in Dominican basketball, passed away early on Tuesday, March 23rd. After suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Cabrera was a key figure in Dominican basketball. He played for the clubs of San Lazaro, Naco and Las Mina. His greatest achievements occurred with the national team at Centro Basket 75 and 77. He has acted as a reinforcement in tournaments in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

At one time he was considered the best Latin basketball player, and after his college career he had many privileges to enter the NBA.

His death mourns Dominican basketball. “Adults don’t die, they transgress. Thank you for your legacy, Hugo Cabrera, ”said a tweet from his contemporary Aldo Lescorn.

Journalist Roosevelt Komarasamy also noted the death: “Hugo Cabrera is not only a great basketball player, he is an extraordinary man. As soon as he leaves he leaves a void in the souls of his friends and fans. Peace to your soul!”

Cabrera was born in Santo Domingo and rose to prominence as a basketball player at the 1998 ceremony.

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