Android and iOS game about maintaining the ozone layer

Android and iOS game about maintaining the ozone layer

The United Nations (United Nations) will release a game for Android and iOS that will tell you how to maintain the Earth’s ozone layer. This UN game for iOS and Android will be released this month or in February.

How are young people trained to appreciate and maintain the planet’s ozone layer? Through science and the games they play, it seems. According to Eurogamer, the United Nations Environment Program is launching a game called Reset Earth that allows people to maintain the ozone layer.

You will play as three young people from 2084 who have to travel back in time to get the 1987 Montreal Protocol signed, to maintain the ozone layer and prevent a pandemic.

Reset Earth for iOS and Android is based on a series with similar titles and is touted as a “2D platformer”, with solving puzzles based on your characters unique abilities, such as slowing down time.

This will not be a very deep adventure game and not even a complex shooter like Fortnite. But that’s not the idea, UN Reset Earth for Android and iOS is meant to teach science in a captivating way.

UN Reset Earth should be available on February 10 or after the series premiere on January 24. We do not trust in the betterment of the world, especially since educational games fail to gather a large audience.

It’s the right time, at least. With a renewed audience for weather science, there may be some young gamers (and their parents) willing to give UN Reset Earth for Android and iOS a try. What do you think of this UN ozone game?

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