Sheinbaum asks IPN for support to launch a satellite into space

The coalition candidate put forward the proposal to launch a Mexican satellite into space Let's keep making history, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardowhich requested the National Polytechnic Institute (IBN) with their participation, in order to provide free Internet coverage in the country.

“We will send a satellite into space when it arrives [a la presidencia de la República]Because 2027 is the last time I will be able to send it and I will ask for support from the National Polytechnic Institute so that we can do it.

In front of the university community, Dr. Sheinbaum stressed the importance of ensuring the right to do so educationAs well as providing better conditions for young people Upper level. That's why he announced his humanity-focused strategy.

He explained that, hand in hand with the Polytechnic, he made clear his intention to expand enrollment rates and provide higher education services free of charge. As well as the former Prime Minister Mexico City He pointed out that young people who complete their university studies will be able to access job places to rebuild the country.

For example, he detailed the engagement needed to strengthen the Housing Fund of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Employees (Fauvisty). “We will create a program to change the way Infonavit and Fovissste operate themselves so that there will be housing for young people in Mexico City and in the country. How will we do it? There we will need many engineers and architects from the Polytechnic.

Likewise, planning has been developed to establish at least 100 industrial zones in order to promote development. “The development poles and those industrial zones are called welfare poles, because what we want is not only to create job opportunities, because this is what the neoliberal period was like in our country. The goal was to create job opportunities regardless of the salary, on the contrary, the salary was poor.”

Amid applause, he concluded his first participation in the Polytechnic Society meeting. Especially the young student Jhasif Lopez He appreciated the example of Dr. Sheinbaum, who aspires to be the first female president in the history of Mexico.

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