La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Patricia is saved from eviction

Patricia He is the third nominee to be saved from elimination.

Maribili Rivera He is the second nominee to be saved from being evicted from the programme.

Paulo Quivedo was saved from being kicked out of the program.

Paulo apologizes to Cristina

After the fight between Cristina and PauloThe latter approached the Spanish woman and apologized if he had said anything offensive to her.

To this Cristina replied that it was not necessary, but that she should apologize for the same reason.

Cristina and Paulo have a strong argument

Cristina Porta erupted against MilkBecause she mentioned that he uttered a phrase that she didn't like and that was bothering her.

But it wasn't the first time, because it reminded her of the first time Paulo uttered a phrase she didn't like, which had to do with the fact that she wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Cristina's help.

“Of course today you think you came to keep me alive, you know I don't need anyone. I appreciate the help of my friends,” said Christina.

Total Solar Eclipse 'Darkens' La Casa de los Famosos 4

For brief moments, residents were able to see it, as did the rest of Mexico City and the state of Mexico. Total solar eclipse This Monday, April 8.

As even the nominees sometimes forget that one of them will be evicted in this edition of the eviction gala, the stars of this fourth season got to enjoy the astrological event of the year.

such roles Divas, Rodrigo Rome, Ariadna Rodriguez and up Maribili Rivera They are some of the celebs who took a keen interest in going out and experiencing the historic moment which will repeat itself in the country till 2052.

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Residents of 'La Casa de los Famosos 4' notified of total solar eclipse in Mexico

Players still in the program were notified of the most important astrological event for the United States, Canada and Mexico in recent decades: a total solar eclipse.

La Casa de los Famosos 4 stars Lupillo and Romey in a huge showdown

Lubilo Rivera insists that Rodrigo Rome Betrayed a deal trying to win Ariadna GutierrezBut the athlete denies that they disagree.

Who are the celebs nominated for eviction tonight in 'La Casa de los Famosos 4'?

Anticipation is mounting as to who will be out next Famous House 4With notification of already announced candidates.

It will reveal the selection of the eliminated The gala is this Monday, April 8. This will be an opportunity for fans of the show to save their choice from eviction and decide with their votes who deserves to continue in the competition.

Anticipating how these interactions will affect the final outcome and what strategies the participants will adopt in the coming days adds excitement to the wait.

Aleska Genesis, Maribili Rivera, Paulo Quivedo And Patricia Corsino They create a list of nominees; However, speculation among the show's followers suggests that it could be a man who bids farewell this April 8.

(Photo: Instagram/@telemundorealities)

Alana Lliteras is saved and will not be fired from 'La Casa de los Famosos 4'

Last Sunday, April 7, in Famous House 4 2024 Telemundo, Jose Reyes'Molasses', the 40-year-old, exercised his privilege Leader of the week To save a colleague from appointment.

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His will was Alana LiterasThe 19-year-old avoided elimination from the reality show thanks to the decision.

Although some followers of the competition suggested that the reason for the selection of 'La Melaza' may have been influenced by personal interests, Alana Literas, who was the beneficiary of salvation in the April 7 episode, confirmed her continuation. Famous House 4 2024.

(Instagram: @alanalliteras)

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