Kevin Hart wants to break the Stereotype for Black fathers Especially in the Big Screen

Our famous actor Kevin hart is now boldly said to the news in the media. It was our Kavin hart wants to break the stereotype attachment. He was present in his 41-year-old actor and he also had four kids on his own. He had four kids with the name of heaven (16), Kenzo(03), Hendrix(13), and then an eight-month baby also. Recently, he was said that he wants to stop the negative stereotypes surrounding black fathers, especially in the movies. Moreover, Kevin has more hope for black fathers as presents and seems in the “going to jail” film and other television and also his new movie is named ‘Fatherhood. 

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This movie sis explains the single father struggles for maintaining their family after the death of his wife. This movie is one of the amazing movies to express the worries of the father. So, the family people see this amazon film. So, he is said that he was spending more time with his kids and he believed that this spending is one of the deepest things for doing. Some stereotypical attachments are also available in the black father movie, this was occurring because of when we are talking to the big screen. There are no drugs and no jail and it is only for the deadbeat. This film shows how the black father is present in a positive light. The developers have had more hope this movie was creating a great impact on society. The production team is said to express the former politician and parenthood. Furthermore, the higher ground is the co-production of the new movie and the production company founders are Michelle Obama and then-President Barack Obama. 

The E! News daily pop might be explained that he was talked to Barack and it might help for bringing more opportunities and offers. Furthermore, he said that it was a great moment to change our narrative. And the amazing thing is our Barack is very much hands-on when he maintains the fatherhood. He said that it gives more embarrassment for seeing and her girl had the lots of love for her till her death. Despite, the ‘Man from Toronto” actor was explaining that he makes the more description as a ‘cool dad’. And his kids are present on the tik tok and Youtube and they give lots of love. 



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