Trick to Scan and Sign Documents on iPhone in 30 Seconds

There is a very easy way to scan and sign documents on iPhone in 30 seconds. Photo: Getty.

The beauty of simplicity. In most cases, simple is more attractive and, of course, more productive. A simple tweet about an activity iPhone Unleashed the madness and got millions of views in record time.

We refer to This post On Twitter, ZDNet columnist Vala Ashfar wanted to show the world how you can scan, sign and send a document in half a minute thanks to the iPhone.

The interesting thing about the case is that there is nothing new in this process, which is already present in previous versions of iOS, or in the possibility of signing documents on the iPhone. All that was already, now this essayist has shown us unity and simplicity.

Scan, sign and send a document in 30 seconds

What does this series that exceeds ten million views show? In it we see what looks like a contract on a table and our protagonist scans it with Notes, signs it and sends it via email.

But let’s describe the process of analyzing the components one by one:

Scan the document

In this section, Ashar coordinates ForceTouch functionality in Notes (or long-press the icon) to activate the scanner integrated into this versatile native app. To reproduce this, press and hold the Notes app icon, then select “Scan” and place the camera on the document. The software will automatically scan it (you may need to move your iPhone away from the document).

Signing the document

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The second part comes with signing the document. For this, it is necessary to have an already saved signature (or we save it at that time); Click the button at the top of the options, then “Marking”, where “Signature” will appear; We can drag it to where we want and even adjust its size.

You can scan documents with the iPhone Notes tool.  Photo: Technology Trends.  Gado/Getty Images.

You can scan documents with the iPhone Notes tool. Photo: Technology Trends. Gado/Getty Images.

Sending the signed document

With everything ready, we only need to share the document via email or any application of our choice and the cycle is closed.

Everything is simple, fast and intuitive and as usual, Android owners have responded to the tweet saying that they have been enjoying this feature for a long time. As usual, this fact is of little concern to iPhone owners who find it a humiliating way to sign and send documents.

And the legal value? Naturally, anyone who has your scanned signature and PDF can sign it for you, but that’s another issue where convenience is on this side of the scale for convenience.

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