Despite the Alien-Focused Season 7 of ‘Fortnite,’ the game has gotten its first crop circle

Aliens are coming to Fortnite in Season 7, so they’ve done nothing but make an impact in the game. There is now a crop circle at Colossal Crops, which is not really surprising considering that all of the crops there have been buzzed down for a few days. A six-pointed hexagon with some vertical criss-crosses in the middle and some bizarre symbols around the outside is carved into the ground. If your pop-in textures are functioning effectively, you can see them from a long way away. It doesn’t do anything right now; it’s essentially a prophecy of what is about to come.

There may be more crop circles to come, as there are a few other cleared out fields in the area. It is really possible potential symbols materialize in other areas of the map. It’d be a little strange if we did them all here. Each perimeter of the hexagon has a symbol, something that we’ve seen before in other out-of-game clues, and it’s quite obvious what’s happening on. In Season 7, aliens will conquer the game, because it will be the theme for the rest of the tournament. But it’s unlikely what configuration they’ll take, how they’ll alter the map, or what they want. All of this is supposedly not going to culminate in a live event at the end of the season.

Alternatively, there may be another “intro mission” as we saw at the start of this season to take the edge off. More information about that will probably likely be available soon. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to be able to interpret the symbols in the crop circles with some type of translator, because if one exists, I haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps there were enough of these, they will spell something out.  But they may also just be cool drawings developed by aliens that haven’t been attempting to tell us anything other than “we’re here.” There are supposed to be aliens abducting players all over the map, and I believe it went live briefly by accident not time afterward, so it could start up again now that the crop circle has occurred. Play some games and be on the eye for anything strange. For more informations, you can still find things in the online sites about the fortnight and other popular sites too.

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