Carlos Zambrano Gonzalo Núñez shares a solution so the Peruvian national team defense is not kicked out Video journalist and his strange advice | game

The Made two new friendships on the date FIFA November and after the return There is always the worry of being a guardian Boca Juniors As happened more than once in the qualifiers, leave Peru at a numerical disadvantage for a play worthy of a red card.

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Sports commentator From the accompanying program Eric Osorus, on stage Network lightIt is agreed that there is a correct solution Don’t worry about the popular lion leaving the pitch, thus putting the team at a disadvantage.

I believe captaincy is decided by the coach and not by the players. As for Andre Carrillo, he’s not interested in being one. For a natural reason, I think, for me, the captain of Peru Carlos Zambrano. (Renato) Tapia is very nice. Zambrano has to be, I would give him more responsibility“, popularly called ‘Beaver‘in the program’Eric & Gonzalo‘.

Gonzalo Nunes Reynoso advises Carlos Zambrano (Video: YouTube)

“Nobody Has Zambrano Eggs”

As for the communicator, there will be no comparison to the power the Boca Juniors player delivers. “I feel like I’ll think twice before screwing up, right? I think he will be a great captain and he sends a lot. Nobody has (Carlos) Zambrano’s eggs“, under control Gonzalo Nunez.

Eric Osorus His partner in the program, tried to put Renato Tapia Alternately, but it’s more important to keep the ” for ‘castor’the lion‘. “I insist on having a captain Carlos Zambrano. Many will say: It’s not that crazy, but sometimes captaincy makes you more responsible“, he added.

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Peru will face Bolivia and Paraguay in the next FIFA date

John Reynoso Team Peru’s preparation continues for the start of the qualifiers World Cup 2026 USA, Canada and Mexico. According to the version of journalist Jampool Cuadros of American TV, the ‘Blanquirroja’ will face two friendlies in a double FIFA date in November.

the ‘White-red‘ will play against Paraguay in Lima on November 16 and travel to Bolivia in Santa Cruz three days later. “The call will be with foreign footballers,” the spokesperson wrote.

Competitors Peruvian National Team Since they are not participating, they will take advantage of these double dates Qatar 2022 and prepare for the start of racing in 2023, although the start date of the qualifiers has not been specified, but will be between March and June.

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