Toyota reveals future transportation in a space vehicle

Toyota Mobility of the Future is presented at the Japan Mobility Expo 2023. It is not only showcasing two new 100% electric concept vehicles – the Land Cruiser Se and an EPU (pickup truck) – but it is also showcasing projects and technologies of the future for more sustainable mobility from lunar rovers to lunar rovers. Space for a wheelchair.

In addition to the three concept cars already announced, the FT-3e SUV, the FT-Se sports car and the KAYOIBAKO multi-purpose vehicle, Toyota is presenting two more concept cars at the Japan Mobility Expo, as well as global and sustainable technologies and projects. Mobility.

Space navigation (prototype)

It is an experimental vehicle, intended to provide navigation on the Moon and in outer space. Each wheel has its own electric motor and steering system, as part of the specifications developed to provide safe and reliable driving, even in harsh and harsh extraterrestrial environments.

Thanks to electric propulsion and exceptional driving performance, it is able to overcome rocks up to 50 cm high and uphill slopes of up to 25 degrees. The technology perfected by this prototype will be used in space navigation vehicles, such as the LUNAR CRUISER.

Toyota Land Cruiser C

It provides the high-torque driving characteristic of battery-powered electric vehicles, along with a sleek, modern design. Toyota is expanding the appeal of the Land Cruiser brand with a three-row crossover that adapts to diverse needs around the world. In addition, the monocoque also provides great responsiveness and security for tackling difficult terrain.

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Main specifications:

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm): 5,150 / 1,990 / 1,705

Wheelbase (mm): 3050

Places: 7

European Union

The new generation of the medium-sized pickup truck, with a monocoque body and an electric system with battery, is practical but with a lot of style. Measuring just over 5 meters long and featuring a dual-chamber design, the EPU’s monocoque chassis also features a versatile platform to suit a wider range of user applications.

The back of the cabin provides an authentic connection to the platform that adapts to the diverse preferences of users and therefore to a wide range of mobility styles, including outdoor activities. The quiet operation of the battery electric system is accompanied by a low center of gravity for superior handling stability and driving comfort.

Key specifications

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm): 5,070 / 1,910 / 1,710

Wheelbase (mm): 3,350

Places: 5

Joe wheelchair

Combining elegance and ease of use, this electric wheelchair proposes a new concept of mobility, designed to provide the freedom to get anywhere without assistance. JUU expands the world of users by giving them the possibility to move freely in places that are difficult to reach for wheelchairs, whether electric or traditional. Likewise, it enhances the independence of people with disabilities who regularly use electric or traditional wheelchairs, and provides them with more opportunities, both recreational and vocational.

In addition, when going up or down stairs, the two large traction wheels (main wheels) on either side of the JUU negotiate the steps, while the retractable tail drops from the back of the backrest to stabilize the wheelchair and prevent it from tipping over. . The JUU automatically maintains the optimal position and can ascend or descend steps up to 16 cm high. It highlights the traction system that uses electric motors like those used in cars.

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Toyota is also exploring advanced features so that the JUU can be independently transported and loaded into the trunk after the user gets in, and then unpacked once the user wants to leave the car.

Hopper ground

It is a three-wheeled electric personal mobility prototype, with two front wheels, opening up new transportation possibilities. Thanks to its foldable design, it can be stored easily, even in boxes with limited space. In combination with a car, the Land Hopper increases the enjoyment of travel and allows you to get around your destinations.

Can be obtained without a driving license* (from the age of 16). Expands travel possibilities and provides independence. For example, it provides mobility for seniors who decide not to renew their driver’s license. Thanks to its small size and low seat height, it is easy to lean on the ground, set up and take down. Exceptional maneuverability and a unique tilt mechanism, the mechanically connected front wheels can move up and down, resulting in an intuitive ride unlike any other car or bike.

New Steer

It is a new cockpit prototype based on a motorcycle handlebar, which integrates the functions of the throttle and brake on the steering wheel.

The wide field of vision, thanks to the irregular shape of the steering wheel and the large underfoot area, without pedals, allows a comfortable driving position and great ease of access and exit. NEO Steer will help foster a greater passion for cars. It also provides safe and intuitive driving using only your hands, and is ideal for users with lower extremity disabilities.

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