The design agora will share space with the La Pamela statue

the The current promenade is between the Edem building and Shed 2 of Marina de València It is shaping up to be better installation site agora From the design capital that has been exposed for months in Town Hall Square. ephemeral structure, A milestone in Design Capital 2022It began to be dismantled to empty the square for the celebration of Las Fallas and specifically to install the “cage” of the Mescalata.

And the municipality sources indicated that the installation of the structure in the Marina will not be immediate because the transfer of the “piece” to the Valencia 2007 consortium must be processed, whose management has been extended for a year while the body that manages it is liquidated. Solution America’s Cup It was agreed between the administrations to establish a new administrative entity for this strategic space on the waterfront once it is liberated from the million-dollar debt that burdened its exploitation for years and was canceled by the central government in 2021.

mayor, Joan RepoThis week, it was announced that the structure, for which 70,000 euros have been allocated for its dismantling, will be temporarily stored in the warehouse. Once the transfer to the Navy is approved, it will be assembled on the waterfront, though it will not be done immediately. The municipal sources consulted guarantee that the aggregation will in any case be carried out on land owned by the municipalities, approximately 30% of the total area of ​​the marina. Due to the dimensions of the structure, almost the only space that fits in it is the large plaza between Tinglado 2 and the Edem-Lanzadera Foundation building, where a few years ago the statue of La Pamela was installed, ceded by Hortensia to the city Herero.

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Pamela sculpture next to Tengladoo 2 Fernando Bustamante

The Agora Capital of Design will be added to the immovable heritage of Marina di Valencia, where the Alinghi boat from the America’s Cup is stored, which has not yet been put on display, and where it is also planned to locate the old lighthouse in the port that is to be moved for expansion work.

Design agora is a file Building units 350 square meters of surfaceworked as an architect and designer in Valencia Miguel Arrez In collaboration with the architecture studio Arqueha Arquitectura y Urbanismo. The installation has dimensions in Plant 24 x 10 meters and one 10 meters highMade of wood and ceramic.

The roof made entirely of bars features an undulating design symbolizing the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. 50% of the materials used in its construction are recycled.

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