To remain firm in the fight for the lead in Stage II of the Pro League, Emelek defeated Mushuc Runa 2-0 at Capewell | National Championship | Sports

Colombian Alexis Zapada and tricolor Jose Francisco Sevalos scored so that the millionaires did not lose track of the Independent mouse.

Emelek keeps alive his dream of becoming a live champion. The Electricians defeated Mushuk Runa 2-0 in a fight that began on the thirteenth day of the second leg of the Professional League at George Capewell last night.

With this decision, Guayaquil residents added 27 units, Independente del Valle, who had an excellent goal difference (plus more than 12 from 17 millionaires) and will be visiting Guayaquil in Christian Benitez tomorrow.

The Ismail Rescalvo-led side did not give their opponents time to stand on the field and put too much pressure on them, making it difficult for them to get off the opposite field.

Despite taking complete dominance, the Blues have no strength. Joao Rojas, Alejandro Cabosa and Sebastian Rodriguez tried to suppress goalkeeper Adonis Babon, but they had no goal.

Those from Tungurahua were waiting in their field and those coming to the portico guarded by Pedro Artis were zero. The millionaire benefited after a still ball operation.

In 24 minutes, Colombian midfielder Alexis Zapada collected an accurate free kick, nullifying the goalkeeper Babon’s extension.

The note caused a small reaction among the audience, but they were controlled by the orderly blue group.

At the end of the first half, Rojas was close to extending the lead: he fired from the left sector of the match area and was able to block the goalkeeper’s shot, which was returned to Uruguay’s midfielder Rodriguez. He sent his shot wide from the ground.

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In the second half, Emelek tried to be very aggressive against a slow rival club, which was limited to defending himself.

But like the first phase, the campus is not accurate. Proof of that is that, in 72 minutes, Kabeza entered the area and could not extend the figures on the scoreboard before goalkeeper Babon left.

And in 82 minutes the millionaire scored the goal of silence. Entering the shift, Jose Sevalos took advantage of a right-footed shot by Brian Carabali after a centerpiece by goalkeeper Babon. . (D)

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