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Ignacio Ambris congratulates player Carlos Gonzalez during a match against Toluca in January 2023. (Cesar Gomez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Ignacio Ambris surprised the football media Mexico In June 2021, it was reported that he would be the new technical director of Huesca in Spain’s second division. Ambris refused to extend his contract with 2020 Apertura champions Lyon, producing three years of colorful and productive football. He had an inescapable goal of working in highly competitive football, though that only lasted four months.

He accepted a challenge for which he had been ready since his retirement as a player. During Javier Aguirre’s odyssey at Osasuna de Pamplona, ​​first at Atlético de Madrid, Ambris Vasco was the technical assistant. Both teams achieved great results: Osasuna qualified for the Champions League for the first time in their history and returned Mattresses After a long period of bad drinks for the Spanish and European elite. Ambris is very clear when he talks about his ambitions and the limitations of the Mexican coaches.

“We need more preparation. When Javier left Osasuna, they offered me to the team. I couldn’t because I didn’t meet the requirement to be a coach for three years. I returned to Mexico with the dream of being able to return. They looked for me from Huesca and I earned 10% of what they offered me in Lyon. Coming,” Ambris explained in an interview with ESPN.

Ambris recalls that during his time as Aguirre’s assistant, there were moments when he realized he already wanted to be a head coach: like when he made a correction in a practice session that wasn’t well received. Basque. However, that year of learning yields an unpleasant result: None of the current Mexican directors had the training or background in Europe of Ignacio Ambris. It shows when he says it naturally, When he was talking about a match against Liverpool at Anfield, it was match day 5 of Mexican football.

There is a difficult blow: leaders and coaches, that is, special people, know Mexican football, for a reason, according to Ambris, even the former player of Atletico de Madrid and Spain, Fernando Torres, recommended it to the people. Huska – he directed it. But that was not enough and Ambriz’s case is exemplary, and inspiring, because despite being a highly prepared Mexican coach and achieving success in Mexico, he did not succeed in foreign football.

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There are examples of Mexican coaches who have left a good image in other countries, such as Carlos de los Cobos in El Salvador and Luis Fernando Deña in Guatemala. But not the contexts where Mexican coaches need to develop, but the competitions above the level of Mexican football: No Mexican coach has been in charge of Brazil or Argentina, the other two top leagues in Latin America. In America, no Mexican coach has ever been a league champion, although the case of Gonzalo Pineda at Atlanta United currently stands as an interesting prospect. The only exception, for twenty years, was Javier Aguirre.

Mexican coaches are very given to criticizing foreigners who get endless opportunities in Liga MX and above all in the national team. In fact, Ambris mentioned again during the interview that he did not like Cuckoo, not because he considered him a bad coach, but because he was an outsider; He also said that if a Mexican lost three times against the United States like Gerardo Martino, he would have been fired. – Bora Milutinovic, a Yugoslavian, was fired six months after France 98 despite a perfect tie.

Actually revealed a contradiction (which shouldn’t be), Well, he admitted that he wants to lead a team even if he is not from that country, and there would be nothing wrong if it happened all over the world, but here in Mexico there is a lot of sensitivity in the local coaches association. .

Ambris has done the fundamental part of his job if he wants to belong to first-class football: leave his ego and pocket behind and prepare and break the stone. It didn’t go well. It’s not enough. In Europe, they did not treat him with respect: they gave him a chance, period, but they demanded of him. Because they believed in their abilities. This is not enough, it is time to accept the reality that Mexico does not have the coaches to stand out among the best football in the world.

Not even in other talented countries like the aforementioned Brazil and Argentina, and not even when talking about foreigners with backgrounds here. Argentina’s Antonio Mohamed, who had a long career in Mexico, failed at Celta de Vigo and was sacked by Atletico Mineiro in Brazil for not making the most of a powerful squad. Hugo Sánchez had a minor adventure at Almeria which resulted in his sacking. Miguel Herrera has flirted with Europe and teams from other countries: that’s why he recycles the same teams over and over again. Champion Caixinha lost to Rangers in Scotland with Santos. Life in Mexico has been criticized in all areas: without elite players and coaches, even with the best service record, Mexican football has to be anchored because there is little importance outside the glory of being MX League champion.

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