“Are we moving forward?” , the evolution under discussion at the IES de Navia science fair

One of the region’s most popular educational events returns to Navia these days: the IES Galileo Galilei Science Fair. It opened yesterday and, like every year, expects a huge influx over the next three days. «This edition is dedicated to science, of course, and to progress. That is why we have chosen an aphorism from Darwin: “Of course there is no progress.” We have to question what they are telling us and look for a scientific way to confirm this, moving forward,” explains Roberto Mannin, Professor of Mathematics.

The exhibition showcases student-developed projects from various subjects, and includes up to eight manipulative workshops from the field of arts to physics and chemistry. Baccalaureate students resort to it – with different departments, such as philosophy – and FP, as well as other educational centers such as the Santo Domingo School, Ramón de Campoamor and Pedro Penzol, in Puerto de Vega. They also have their space, IES Sánchez Lastra de Mieres, one in Candás and one in Mondoñedo, among others.

Among the novelties in this new, ninth edition, Mannin highlights alumni involvement. “Yesterday we talked about a former student who finished his studies in physics. And in his tributes to his final degree project, he remembered the science fair. Things like that, in which the seed of science is drowned, are an incentive to keep going. And that’s why we’re here for wake-up calls.” Also among the novelties is the installation of a pavilion for the vital Ence plant.

The exhibit also includes paths through the center’s courtyards and corridors, learning about the female scientists’ journeys and stories. About 160 people from outside the institute will also participate in an entertaining and educational show with scientific experiments as heroes. Activities are organized at different points simultaneously.

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