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From this Monday it will take place at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the UNR, and will be a forum for reflection on contemporary political and social problems.

From November 8 to 13, the XIV National Congress and VII International Congress on Democracy will be held, organized by the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the National University of Rosario, which will be held jointly with the XV National Congress of Political Science, organized by the Argentine Society of Political Analysis (SAAP) and our university.

As in every edition, the Congress on Democracy will have the objective of debating the current scenarios and the future of democracies.

The event is a traditional academic meeting that has been held every two years in the city of Rosario since 1994, in order to demonstrate that academic excellence and the plurality of voices and views go hand in hand. The relevance that it has gained throughout all its editions has enabled it to receive the visit of prestigious and prestigious academics, authorities of the different governmental scales, prominent communication references. In addition, the massive participation of students, teachers and researchers from our country and the region make this event a privileged space for academic socialization.

The Congress on Democracy emerged as a response to the policies that the current national government was carrying out in the 1990s and was an initiative of students from the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations. “Since 1994 we have been building the profound collective idea of ​​creating a place where democracy can be discussed. Defending the public university and access to higher education as a right is the idea and we do it by highlighting a way of understanding and making the university reformist, which is what our Congress has reflected for 27 years. “, Commented the rector. Franco Bartolacci, who was for two periods dean of the Faculty and promoter of its realization since he walked the classrooms as a student.

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Inaugural act and debate of candidates for Deputies and National Deputies

The opening ceremony will be on Monday, November 8, at 10 a.m., in the SUM of the Faculty of Architecture, and will be attended by the Rector of the UNR, Franco Bartolacci, Dean Gustavo Marini and the Vice-Dean Cintia Pinillos of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations. Attendance will be free and free for all citizens and will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the UNR.

After the opening, the candidates for deputies will meet on this stage: Mario Barletta, Carla Deiana, Carlos Del Frade, Mario Deschi, Monica Fein, Alejandra Olivera and Roberto Mirabella.

Like the debates of candidates for senators and councilors, which took place during the month of October at the University and the Faculty, respectively, this new instance of meeting promotes the Public University, as a forum for debate and a fundamental actor in the construction of the political and social agendas of our time.

National Congress of Political Science of the Argentine Society for Political Analysis

On this occasion, the National Congress of Political Science of the Argentine Society of Political Analysis (SAAP) will take place during the same week and in the same scope as the Congress on Democracy. This will run from Wednesday, November 10 to Saturday, November 13.

The UNR will thus host the SAAP Congress for the second time, the most important academic event in Political Science in our country and one of the most relevant in the discipline at an international level.

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From the organization of both events, they pointed out that the possibility of planning the congresses jointly offered an opportunity to articulate institutional efforts, to convene in a broad way the political community and specialists from various disciplines of communication, social work, tourism, among other.

Under the format of conferences, panels, round tables, symposia and book presentations, more than 580 activities will take place during these 6 days. Both events are expected to bring together more than 2000 national and international exhibitors, who, together with students, teachers and the educational community in general, will reflect on the theme of the Congresses: “Democracy in times of mistrust and global uncertainty. Collective action and politicization of inequalities in the public scene ”.

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