Science and technology law must comply with the needs of the country

For the development of science, technology and innovation in Mexico, a comprehensive legal framework is necessary It gives certainty to the participation of both government, companies and civil society organizations, as well as academics, researchers and teachers, because only in cooperation with all these actors can areas of opportunity be exploited for the benefit of the state, confirmed to Fernando Sánchez Argomedo, President of the Commission on Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Mexico (Cobarmix).

He pointed out that there are two very important visions in the field of science and technology, the first is the research carried out by scientists who work for the knowledge itself, and the other is promoted by companies, which is focused on the practical to develop knowledge to solve everyday problems, such as environmental emergencies.

And he warned that although there are those who insist on convincing people of the existence of a confrontation between companies and researchers, they are mistaken, because neither one is good nor the other is bad, but both complement each other and so themselves come.

In this sense, he indicated that public and private universities are seeking to integrate some of them with companies, with a clear intention to move forward together.

In the discussion of the reform of the Science and Technology Law conducted by the Chamber of Deputies, Sánchez Argumedo indicated that it is necessary to listen to all the actors involved, Accordingly, legislators are preparing a legal framework that encourages science, technology and innovation.

He indicated that there are five bills on the table on this issue; However, as happened in other regions, the proposal sent by the federal executive in December seems to be the one they want to give priority to and not only that, but there is a risk that it will be approved without even a comma changed although there are many contradictions.

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announce it Cobarmix will participate in the Open Parliament next Wednesday, March 29th In San Lázaro, where he will ask to hear experts and civil society in order to add their proposals to the law.

Finally, he pointed out that Mexico requires a science and technology law that meets needs and is not poor, which does not take advantage of the potential of researchers and companies and limits opportunities.

reactionary reform

In its official publication, Señal, Coparmex called the Common Law Initiative on the Humanities, Sciences, Technologies and Innovation, put forward by the Executive Branch, reactionary.

The Business Authority considered it It is a central lawbecause it proposes the establishment of a board of directors, to be appointed directly and indirectly by the federal executive, and from which all plans and priorities proceed, and “The positive inclusion of states and municipalities is erased with the stroke of a pen“.

On the other hand, it highlights it It is guided by ideological paradigms such as non-mediation and limits the participation of civil society and the private sector.

He criticized Kobarmix for not considering the participation of the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education. Scientific and technological advisory forum. As well as researchers of the National System of Researchers and representatives of the productive sector in its construction and in the same work of the National Council for Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation to be established.

On the other hand, it is considered so Conflicts will arise with the autonomy of universities and actions that could be implemented by federal entities will be discouraged and the private sector in terms of investment in research, innovation and technological development. It is a contradiction to international best practices.

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Likewise, the employers’ association warns that “There is no reason to militarize science and technology policy. There are no reasons why the Minister of National Defense (Sedena) should join the National Council, whether for the aim or the purposes he pursues..

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