Photos | Chiquis Rivera flaunts her figure with a silver look, styled by Selena Quintanilla

When it comes to fashion, it cannot go unnoticed Sigis Rivera, because the singer has an incomparable style that can go from casual to extravagant with the right outfits to copy for any occasion. This time it is Selena Quintanilla Her inspiration also allowed her to show off creating a classic look in silver tones Idol figure.

The “Queen Bee” singer She shares with her more than 5 million followers on Instagram every outfit she wears on stage, each with a twist. sensuality And the details add up to the best trends Without ignoring those styles that continue to conquer generations.

Chiquis Rivera looks like Selena Quintanilla in style. Photo: IG @chiquis

This time the Daughter of Jenny Rivera Wore cargo pants that came back in part The Y2K trend It became more and more popular Hollywood Brings in some of the best elements of the 2000s. It is a loose dress which gives more comfort and is paired with a sheer blouse in white and gray, as well as silver point shoes and silver point shoes. Worn by the “Queen of Tex-Mex”.

“She’s just like Selena”, “Pit Pt Pom Pom vibes”, “Selena vibes”, “So cute”, “Modern Selena”, “Need a change”, “Bella, Mija” and “How cute”, the singer wrote on her Instagram account. Some of the comments received on the photo series shared by

Sigiz Rivera’s secret

In the past Sigis Rivera The young singer came under fire when she revealed her secret to achieving an impression, as she promised she drank “lemon water” in the morning, immediately after fans suggested she should be “more responsible” with her statements. They may hold onto some fans.

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Sigiz Rivera looks silver. Photo: IG @chiquis

Despite that, the eldest daughter “Band Diva” She is adamant about her beauty secret and through her social networks, she explains that she has rigorous exercise and a healthy diet in the hands of experts. In a meeting with journalists, she said: “The truth is, I went to the doctor, I have a hormonal problem, I already have Hormone therapy And the thyroid, I finally listened and went and it helped me”.

Fans have pointed out that on social media Sigis Rivera Weight loss surgery may have been done because of how quickly it happened and it will stay Gastric sleeve Or liposuction, though Business woman He has denied it more than once in front of the cameras.

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