Pablo Milanes sings in Havana under state security surveillance

Since 1976, Rose To ask Paul Milans. As she sings, this Malaguna sighs and brings her hands to her face and returns the wetness to her clothes. Due to work responsibilities, it takes two months In CubaBut he says as soon as he knows it Pablo will go inside via Havana His tour Light daysAdvancing the date of the ticket and managing everything on the island Concert day.

Minutes before 9:00 p.m. Thousands of people were in the Coliseum of the sports city They let out Gaelic shouts waiting for the unfinished Tropador. “Aha” and applause jumped in, when you saw the stage, the wrong alarm.

Pablo Milanese is a bulwark of Cuban culture, But keeping him on the island has become a luxury.Many fear that this may be his last concert on his land due to his age (79) and the health problems he is experiencing. So, when Cultural institutions They tried to hijack the event The National Theater controls it for Sala Avelanada With accommodation of 2,254- and booking More inputs to “creatures”Social websites exploded.

In the end, Not only did the government have to sell most of the tickets to the peopleHad to Transfer space to Sports City ColiseumIt can get about 15,000 people.

Visitors were arriving at the Colosseum just before 5:00 pm on Tuesday. There was a “welcome” in the charge of the police who checked every citizen And he passed metal detectors under pressure.

In addition to this “filter”, State security agents dressed in civilian clothes were scattered throughout the concert hall.. A few hours before the event, The political police had called in independent journalists Warn them to be quiet, as they will be monitored.

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At exactly 9:00 pm the lights were turned off and the screaming noise of the audience of all ages increased. The place was illuminated by cell phone flashing lights, a few seconds later, Appeared on stage, between red lights, Pablo Milanese Pianist Miguel Nunes and cellist Caritad R. With Verona.

After breaking the “brief place where you are not”, The singer-songwriter thanked the Cuban peopleHe called her his “best audience”.

Pablo Milanes sings of the love and loneliness of living in this land, To friends who leave at the time of departure when we all have no close friend. “Original Sin” was on the set to protect love regardless of sexual orientation.

D.Sending agents throughout the Sports City Coliseum It was in vain. There are no cries of “freedom”.No slogansAlthough many of Pablo Milanese’s songs are a reflection of some of the current ones Problems of the Cubans.

Already, in the end, I felt the shake spray with salbutamol nearby. Many had the asthma spectator’s suffocation before the trumpet poem that said “Love me as much as I do”.

Journalist Mauricio Mendoza attends concert by Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanese, and #DiarioDeCuba:

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