Haitian police say the “Legion of Dominicans” are part of a Haitian mob

The Haitian National Police (PNH) said on Wednesday that the “Dominican Legion” was an integral part of the criminal gangs operating in Haitian territory.

This revelation has been published through a statement indicating that This information was obtained after the confession of a citizen of the Dominican RepublicThe man, identified as Molaï Ortiz Mieses, was arrested in Haiti last May for allegedly having an affair with a woman living in the Laboule community in Passionville.

“There is a legion of Dominicans They are an integral part of the armed gangs currently operating in Haiti, “said Artis Mises during the interrogation, according to HNP.

Similarly, the authorities pointed out that the prisoner had disclosed Many criminal groups include Dominican citizensAn example is the band “Izo 5 Seconds” in the Village Duo.

Also, he added Other bands have “direct links” With Dominicans.

Criminal history

According to the report, 32-year-old Ortiz Mieses is being held at the Directorate General of Police (DCPJ), where he is being questioned by local authorities.

Except for the suspicion that he belongs to someone, Creole has also been charged with criminal involvement and kidnapping.

Similarly, the Haitian police confirmed that the prisoner had immigrated to the Dominican Territory after being arrested on several occasions.

They say that after emigrating to Haiti, Ortiz Mieses joined the gang in question, allegedly led by Carlos Petit-Home, also known as “De Maguak”, of which he was the third leader.

“D.C.P.J. Molaï Ortiz Mieses’ revelations and confessions are shocking and devastating”, Read an excerpt from the above newsletter.

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Similarly, the HNP pointed out that Artis Messes, the leader of the “de Lapli” gang operating in Grand-Ravin, was later recruited, which became the right-hand man of “Ti Lapli” and the so-called “Ti Georges” Ery Joselus. .

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