Tito Villa photographs Lotti and Rodondi in Messi shirts

The failure Blue Cross before him Miami Inter The likes of Celestial Machine struck a deep chord with some fans Villa of TitusWHO exploded vs Carlos Rodondi and Augusto Lotti A photo of the players posing with Lionel Messi’s shirt has been made public.

In the postcard shared by Adrian Esparza and captured by Martin Arevalo, you can see Football players of Blue Cross Very much happily For getting the former Barcelona player’s shirt.

The reaction of the duo caught the attention cityWHO Lottie and Rotondi’s smiles were unmistakable After falling to the Machine MLS side, a goal from the Argentina star held on for 3 points.

“I understand that it may have been their only chance to possess such a treasure, but Where is the sporting shame? It’s hard to understand about photography and smiles!”

It should be noted that some Netizens They were According to VillaSaying things like: “It’s annoying that they care more about the jersey than trying to win this game”, “Well, releasing the photo so soon is overkill” or “It’s almost the entire team, it’s unbelievable”.

now, machine is in A tight rope, they have only one chance to enter the next stage of the competition. The Light Blues will need to beat Atalanta United next to have a chance of staying alive in the League Cup.

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