A new Cuba ferry made a test trip with passengers between Nueva Gerona and Patabano

A ferry recently purchased by Cuba to complete the voyage between Nueva Gerona and Patabano has completed its maiden test voyage with passengers and cargo.

Experts from the Ministry of Transport confirmed that the ship left the port of Mayabeque province at 70% of its actual capacity. At 2 pm on Thursday, the boat arrived without difficulty at the marine terminal of the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

The parameters established for the test were met in all orders, particularly with reference to weight and speed achieved. Passengers were surveyed upon disembarkation and provided excellent feedback about the trip.

The boat in question, called Perseverance, is Korean-made and cruises at an average speed of 11 knots. It has spacious bathrooms and two lounges for passengers, with a total capacity of 430. There is always a doctor on board and an MSME-owned canteen.

It is estimated that Perseverance will make another test flight in the next few days, with passengers and cargo to finalize the details of its regular operation. Very soon it will already have regular trips three times a week between the two terminals.

Tests without rush

After taking over the ship, the island’s Ministry of Transport did not want to rush its launch. Instead, all scheduled tests have been completed before regular trips between Nueva Gerona and BatabanĂ³ begin.

Earlier this July, the boat recorded its first test on the specified route, but without passengers on board. A year ago, Cuba announced the purchase of the ship, which was built in 2018.

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Undoubtedly, Perseverance is now the most modern ship in the country. It has advanced technology and high precision equipment to aid in navigation.

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