Tips for detecting if your cell phone has been hacked or has a virus

Does battery or cell phone data suddenly drain or last for a very short time? According to computer security experts, it is not necessary to buy a new model because you may fall victim to cybercrime.

Norton, an American company, explained that “there are many reasons for the high consumption of data.” If this is too much in relation to the application we have provided for applications, “It’s time to investigate.”

The same goes for the battery. Kaspersky, another leading company in the field, said, “A hacked phone can give all its processing power to a hacker’s suspicious applications. This can slow down your phone. “

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A setback.

He added that “other symptoms are freezing or unexpected resumption.” In fact, he suggested focusing on sudden applications or calls or messages that you do not remember what you installed.

Other signals are associated with email accounts or social networks. If you find different access locations or modified passwords, be aware of that.

“If a hacker enters your phone, he will try to steal access to your most valuable accounts,” they warned from the Russian company.

Now, how can we avoid hacking or viruses? The immediate answer is that we should be very careful with the apps we download, only do it from the official Google or Apple stores.

According to Norton the most common, rarely respected but suspicious emails do not open, is to click on them or download the attached files.

On the other hand, security company McAfee further explained, “It is very easy for hackers to connect to your phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so disable them if you do not need them, because the attack may come without warning.”

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Finally, if you ever find yourself in a public place and you suspect that someone is hacking your cell phone, “an effective preventative measure” should turn it off immediately.

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