Sanders asks natural resources to catch monkey: “It seems they don’t want to be caught”

Head of Wildlife Division Police Force Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (dRNA), Angel Athensa, this Saturday, demanded the cooperation of the people so that they could avoid going to Santores. Mono Rhesus This way the authorities can catch the animal.

The official pointed out that the number of people coming to the place with interest since Friday has increased, which is where the two lights are located. Sanders Fine Arts Center On Bones de Lyon Avenue- This makes the monkey capture task difficult.

“People are not in control. A perimeter wall was set up there, but people did not respect it. They take photos on the AMA track, park cars, blow the horn, and play jungle music. In other words, it has become a social phenomenon. We were there until 12:45 last night (Friday), at which time people came to Uber to take their pictures, ”Atienza condemned in an interview. New day.

The revelations of the officer are given in the fifth consecutive day of attempts by the agents of the police force to capture the animal, which is not ruled out as having been attempted for several weeks in the Rio Petras area.

When we arrived today, people filled the top of the building with fruit. We learned yesterday that people put fruit on the trees in its vicinity. They keep bananas, green apples, red apples, feeding the monkey and not entering the trap. They are preventing monkeys from entering the web, ”he said.

Furthermore, Adienza stressed that the monkey’s height (about 100 feet above the tree that climbs the tree) is one of the difficulties in catching the monkey, as many are interested in seeing the logistics for catching the monkey. ) And the busy nature of the city in which it is located.

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“The truth is, that animal did not come down because of the fear of people with so many cell phones and too much music, and we could not cover the whole road. We ask people to cooperate with it, but it seems they do not want to get caught. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end thereAdienza insisted.

Asked what strategy he would now implement to fix the capture logistics, the officer replied that he was considering placing quiet food in traps and wood to put the monkey to sleep and catch it.

“The plan remains the same: the hungry monkey reaches the trap. All we want is to feed the monkey downstairs and not panic. Since it is 25 to 30 feet, the anesthetic is eaten and placed on the lower branches. But if we let it go up, the monkey will fall from above and kill itself, ”Athensa explained.

The tree where the animal is located is located a short distance from the building where First Bank is located on Bones de Lyon Avenue. Part of the sidewalk that runs through that area is closed to pedestrians.

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