Tigress clears Cabrera’s gold hit

DETROIT – Miguel Cabrera hit a flying ball that turned into a short single to drive on Jonathan Scoop from the start as the Detroit Tigers thrashed the Minnesota doubles 5-4 Saturday night and threw in a double header.

After seven innings the game was tied at two 3-3, and in the eighth the doubles took the lead, with pinch-running Nick Gordon beating Puerto Rican Joe Jimenez (3-1) on a wild pitch.

But the Tigers turned down. Scoop Taylor Rogers (2-4) equalized with a single. After Robbie Grossman was out, Cabrera scored his short hit in center field, which landed on the ground as the scoop circled the bases.

At the start of the doubleheader, Detroit won 1-0. Grossman scored a home run early in the game, and four pitchers combined for a two-hitter.

Jose Urena, who started for Tigress, allowed two wins in three innings to leave the game with a right eyebrow.

Daniel Norris (1-3) had six outs and Kyle Funcaus had three in six, while Gregory Choto served in seventh for his eighth save.

Left-hander Charlie Barnes (0-1) dropped 4 2/3 innings in his major league debut, giving up four wins.

In the first meeting, for the doubles, Venezuela’s Luis Arris 3-1. Dominican Jorge Bolanco 2-1.

For the Tigers, Mexican Isaac Parades 3-1.

In the second match, for the doubles, Dominicans Bolanco 4-1, Nelson Cruz 3-2 with a goal and a product, Miguel Sane 2-1. Venezuela Arries 1-0.

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