The police who will take the chairs ‘reserve space’ on the beaches

It is one of the situations that are repeated every summer. People who go to the beach almost at dawn to leave umbrellas, chairs and hammocks, but who return home. In areas of Segur de Calafell and Cunit this situation has been repeated on several occasions.

The objective is to reserve a place so that when they return they have a place in the front line. That situation, which is repeated on many beaches, it usually generates tensions and confrontations between bathers.

The Vila-seca City Council is going to try to end this practice of reserving a place on the beach. At the moment, an information campaign has begun, but it includes sanctions if the situation continues.


The municipality’s beach use plan already prohibits reserving a place by leaving umbrellas, chairs and other items. The Local Police have already informed beach users in recent days, even leaving notes on the items that they find empty to publicize the rule.

Next week you can go one step further and the Local Police will even requisition that material. When the owners pick it up at the police station, they will be exposed to some sanction.

This reserve of space is a situation that is repeated on different beaches. Those who carry it out leave the material in the very first line a few meters from the seashore.

In addition to the fact that the reservation of space is prohibited if there is no one in the chairs (the owner may be bathing), it should also be noted that you have to leave a minimum separation from the shore to facilitate the walk.

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