El Chavez de la Pachatta Bad Bunny on YouTube

El Chavez de la Pachatta set the record for a traditional pachata by topping YouTube on Saturday in the Dominican Republic, beating out Bad Bunny, Roche RD, El Alpha and Rao Alejandro.

According to a report sent to Diorio Libre, the translator won the top spot among the 100 most-played songs on the streaming platform this Saturday, where the video “Tell Those Friends” has 5,170,900 views so far, adding 6,722,774 views to Lyric Video, adding 11,87 .

“Thank God and the support of our fans, we were able to be on the cover of the Dominican Republic on YouTube and compete with all genres of music. Because of our efforts on the album ‘Mill Historias’, we have gained hope and loyalty from the public. My God, thank you for the many blessings,” said El Chavez. Said.

Nelson Lopez, the artist’s manager, said the Dominican YouTube chart had 20 weeks, rising from 20th to 1st place in a week, reaching 1 million 33 in a week. Views.

“Thanks to the support of fans, DJs, announcers and station directors, ‘Tell Him’ is the most popular pachata today without any discussion,” Lopez said.

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