Consul Duval reveals that he will go to the United States to be vaccinated against Govt-19; Pepilo protects the origami

Faced the controversy that ensued Pepilo Origel Because he went to the United States to be vaccinated against Govt-19, Consul Duval He revealed that he would do the same and responded to the raining criticism against the journalist.

Although some celebrities have spoken out against what the journalist did to get the anticoagulant vaccine BrushThere are others who have decided to come to his defense to talk about the criticisms he has received.

The 73-year-old journalist shared his account a few days ago Instagram Video of him traveling Miami To get the second dose, he also talked about the reviews he received on social networks.

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In an interview with “Cell El Soul”, Consul Duel spoke about it and regretted it Performance Pepilo has an origami for being vaccinated in the United States, and even if he is not his friend, it cannot be started against him because it is a way to get rid of it. Fear To Govt-19.

I am not friendly Pepillo, But he will not go to Jugular because he is looking for a way to remove the fear of this terrible creature. It hurt me, it hurts a lot to see so much hate and bad vibes on social networks, I don’t like it, he said.

Consul Duval reveals the consequences of Covit-19

Actress positive test Govit-19 In September last year, I mentioned that I was at that time Feared Even for his life because of the symptoms he presented at one point.

Now he revealed Seagle a few months later Recovered, Pointing out that he was still afraid of a second epidemic and, therefore, did not turn down the opportunity to travel. To us Get vaccinated.

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My bones hurt a little. Memory does not return to 100, but smell and taste. The only thing I don’t want to return to my life is fear, and I hope it will return when the antibodies are reduced, Dowell said.

The comedian said she had Nationality The American and then he will have no problems traveling to the United States and getting vaccinated, but he will have to wait for now and point out that he will consider it if he does not have a chance in Mexico.

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