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CAN is made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and is considered to be associated with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and other countries.

President Guillermo Lasso accepted the presidency this Saturday For now The Andean Community (CAN) in the structure of the XXI Meeting of the Andean Presidential Council in Bogota, Colombia.

Lasso, while accepting the annual leadership of the Andean community, said he would work to promote regional integration “in the economic and social spheres”, although “we have a big challenge, the fight against the epidemic” of COVID-19.

“We will support new vaccination programs in the region,” but above all, “we will raise our voices to ask the world for more support and support on vaccines,” Lasso said.

In addition, he stressed the importance of doing one’s duty. “We need to work on the search for social fulfillment, considering a short- and long-term commitment. Ecuador has set out to promote a modern, green and sustainable economy, and we look forward to the contribution of micro and medium enterprises,” he said.

Lasso said the latter sector creates 60% of jobs and is plagued by epidemics.

The president promised to work on the orange economy, that is, to promote business-linked businesses through collaboration between the public and private sectors. As well as assisting women in their endeavors.

“I invite you to work within a broader international cooperation framework and allow us to reverse the effects of the epidemic and return to the path of sustainable development,” he said.

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The event was chaired by Colombian President Ivan Duke, who said the challenge was to achieve interim trade.

“No matter how energetic it is, no matter how much progress it makes, it is still low compared to other integration camps in North America, Europe and Asia,” he said, adding that regulatory frameworks should take them to that end.

The United States and Spain are the main remittances to CAN countries

Duke invited Lasso to consider the possibility of strengthening reinforcements in the field of vaccines and a forum dedicated to the quality of democracies.

CAN is made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and is associated with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as Spain and Morocco.

Duke exemplifies achievements in his administration

Colombian President Ivan Duke highlighted a number of achievements during his administration before handing over the pro-Andean community (CAN) presidency to Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso.

“We took over the presidency of CAN a year ago and we have compiled 80 key activities into 30 work areas. We have made progress on many of these fronts,” he pointed out.

Duke highlighted the fifth meeting of the Andean Coordinating System, where decisions were made on implementing a new integration framework based on technology, public procurement and deregulation.

Andean community approves legislation to regulate and facilitate movement of people between Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia

The Colombian president promised to encourage the strengthening of Seaman Bolivar University, and invited it to excel in the countries of the Andean community.

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Moreover, he saw the growth of the Andean Business Congress as an achievement. The event was attended by more than 350 companies, with more than 109 buyers and deals worth millions of dollars.

“The structure of the guidelines for public procurement is something we can define as superficial, which allows micro, small, medium and large companies to participate in the lottery processes of member countries,” Duke said. (I)

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