This is the video that ended the relationship between Jenny and Sequis Rivera

It was revealed recently Stephen Loisa, Jenny Rivera’s widow will be released from prison on August 8 this year, according to documents related to the case.

However, notice of Liparosin In Jenny Rivera’s widow, her fans took the last Controversy The singer was involved. It was about the accusation of treason by his then partner Stephen Loisa With his eldest daughter Johnny Morn Rivera, Called the Sequis Riviera.

According to various media reports, mainly during the show hosted by Jenny’s former manager Laura Lucio Today In 2019, he said, the singer would have a saving Discovery It was taken to the cemetery.

Video ending mother-daughter relationship

Was precise during this cycle of lectures Amika A person close to the singer admitted that the clue was a technical failure Considered Love between Loisa and Jenny’s daughter Chigwis.

This failure will occur later Band Diva I am constantly tired Disappearance Money or valuables in your home, so you keep cameras Security.

However, when reviewing this Posts, Of which no one knows, translator “Already enough” He will feel something that will change his life Forever.

What would a California-born singer have discovered, To us, She felt it because her daughter and her husband were so close They are missing Six weekly recordings on his security cameras Room.

Although Sequis And Stephen on several occasions denied that they had any romantic attachment or friendship and that they were a part of it. Family, The singer’s fans have always speculated on a possibility Treachery.

Famous singer marked before and after this msica The band, played by women, had a break in that relationship Sostena With your daughter; However, Jenny left her entire lineage to the controversial Cicus Rivera.

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