AEW and WWE should sign him for Bandit and Brawl

Bandido in Tokyo during New Japan Pro Wrestling’s 2019 Top Super Juniors Tournament. (Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

The bandit Excellent Mexican wrestler From reality. No one combines agility, strength and intelligence square As versatile as he is. It shined outside the country Five years. But one Recent performance introduced him to the radar of major corporations Wrestling Inside America. now, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) And this World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) They want to hire you.

A hand to hand Against the experienced Chris Jericho It opened new doors for him. The Canadian multiple champion He praised his skills ahead of the match. He admits that he discovered his work through videos the night before Network lightAnd to his surprise Skill. Native Dorian, Coahuila approved of each of his Words with is moving in the ring.

He almost carried it Forty secondsPresented his view Aerial styleShowed why they nicknamed him Most sought after. A fall caused him Bleeding Face and, with it, your blemishes White mask. However, he continued the engagement. Ultimately he failed to dethrone seniorIn order to strengthen it Second reign what World champion of Ring of Honor (ROH)

Even in failure he succeeded more than expected. As he traveled as a special guest, he competed Former king, and received full recognition. He did not taste gold, but found it respect From the stand. up to Tony KhanOwner AEWWhen the ceremony was over he came out to congratulate him in public: he forgot that he was the boss, and at that moment he became one. Fan In addition.

“That’s what all the people say The bandit He stole the show. It is more, I do not chargeBecause that’s the best pay. Jericho He is a gentleman, swings whatever it puts; We have come to you for you Mexican wrestling, Japanese Y Wrestling. He is a world legend He said it was the best fight in his entire history. In the dressing room, Tony (Khan) told me ‘You don’t want to be on my list, I need you‘. At that point I burst into tears, hugged him and thanked him for the opportunity,” she said More fighting.

He admitted that he would never forget that date September 28Well, his life has completely changed. Although in negotiations with AEWHe admitted that he didn’t sign with them because he also had an offer WWE: “There are approaches, let’s see. The people who should benefit from this are the world wrestling fans. The balance is still tipped by AEW”.

Further Eleven years of experience Support Pool Gladiatorwho travelled Mexico City build a legacy In Mexican Pancrasion. The last warriorbanner World Wrestling Council (WWC)He allowed him to live in his gymnasium in the colony Apatlakoetc Blue Leopard Y Warrior Force They did it with him as he tried to establish himself in professional circles.

Some launches were successful The bandit. It featured Intense and persistent Today it repeats itself Triple A Wrestling (AAA)Two very prestigious sports organizations Mexico. in a short period of time Progressive WrestlingCharmed England. In AmericaHe became the world champion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) Y Ring of Honor (ROH)

As an entrepreneur, he fulfilled one of his fondest dreams: he built it Bandido’s Gym Inside Istabalaba; Advertiser House Big fight, he serves as the main face. Just flew by JapanWhere will he face? Sixth tour. will not participate with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)In this he ended up fighting five stars Will OspreyIt will do that GLEAT Next to his companion commander.

Take one with you Important decision. You have to find out what yours is immediate future within the strings. The TripleMania 30, starting October 15, is the next step in security. After that, he can fly to other borders. when AEW Y WWE Continue the battle to secure his services and he will continue in the same vein: Putting the fanatic’s happiness first.

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