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influencers and horizontal grid

Before the existence of digital social networks and the importance they gained in communication, the opinions that were published came from experts and specialists with extensive experience in the respective field. Years of study, research, or experiments gave certainty to the quality and validity of the information transmitted, as they enjoyed great prestige from the path they built over the years on the battlefield.

Currently this has changed dramatically, in the internet arena, communication is no longer vertical to horizontal and by that I mean that anyone who decides to express an opinion, advise or recommend product brands through these digital platforms, you have the same opportunity to become an influence for thousands of people, as an authority in this the topic.

influential or influencer in his Spanish word, defined as a person who has some credibility about a topic, and who can promote a business and boost its visibility Online (Peru, 2017)

The influencers They are not necessarily popular in origin, although in the various advertisements that are mainly broadcast through the YouTube platform, we are aware that those who until recently were singers, today are financial advisors and provide “free” advisory services so that people can quit and get Great economic benefits to build the life they have always dreamed of, it is definitely an authority.

A person who has accounts in digital social networks such as InstagramAnd the tik tok also Youtubeyou can go from being a simple human being, to becoming a famous public figure, with thousands and even millions of followers who trust your opinions, recommendations and tips to live better, find love, identify phrases that will make that person with whom he dreams love them forever or sensitive issues such as the health.

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The immediacy of the digital age, combined with the visual impact of images and videos that spread across digital social networks, means that the message that communicates with people is not only transmitted with incredible speed, but is repeated by all. Those users who feel acquainted with them, therefore, this user becomes an influencer.

There are many topics dealing with influencers This not only arouses the interest of Internet users, but is also a decisive factor in their purchasing decisions and even the desire to imitate the lifestyle. For example, I refer to the Kardashian clan, who imposed different fashions, especially in clothes and even surgeries to transform their bodies and achieve a resemblance to the most famous.

It is worth noting that some of these personalities already have a proven academic aptitude, subject matter expertise, and reliable knowledge that they share via their social networks, but this is not the case in all cases and can present a significant risk to those who take these tips as a recipe to apply without reservation.

The influencers It has become an essential part of businesses due to its ability to set up brands, attract customers and generate positive reputation, stature and trust in exchange for large sums of money, because people believe in it religiously. While there is valuable research done by academics, it never appears. is this normal? It seems so in the days of the internet.

That is why there are those who criticize these personalities, as there are a large number of professionals who do not even find a job despite preparing themselves day in and day out to provide quality services, with solid foundations, constant updating and experience, while perhaps they are the young man who has not done any kind of study, but became influential Thanks to digital social networks, today he is a millionaire.

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Given this, one of the biggest challenges is getting real experts to take on these roles influencers To convey valuable recommendations drawn from their knowledge, using digital social networks as a primary support.

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