They report a 2% bonus, only for dollar cards in Cuba

The Caribe chain of stores recently ran a promotion for a 2% bonus on card purchases in dollars in Cuba.

As we announced, the “parade” comes on the occasion of the upcoming Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated in Cuba on Sunday, May 14th.

This is the message they published: “On May 10 and 11, a 2% discount for QR payments in stores that provide a service in a freely convertible currency (MLC), using Transfermóvil, in the network of CARIBE stores that provide this service.”

The ad drew some criticism on social media. “2%, really? They have products at very high prices in a currency that is not ours, the products have been in stores for a long time because many cannot buy them and they come to present this promotion with pride and enthusiasm as if it is a great offer,” wrote Lázaro Peláez Escalante.

“Not even 5 or 10. No, that’s a lot, and they still wonder why they don’t sell sometimes. I’m sorry, but the people who make these ‘initiatives’ and decisions have no idea about commercial marketing and sales,” added this person.

In the same vein, Javier Jardines Canepa expressed: “2%, which is 0.02 cents per dollar, or equivalent, 0.20 per 10 dollars.” “This is so absurd.” added Ricardo Pereira Moro.

Dollar stores in Cuba

In July 2020, “medium and high quality” food and health products began to be sold in Cuba in freely convertible currency (MLC), in some centers of Tiendas Caribe and Cimex Corporation.

A few months later, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, called the measure “necessary and undesirable”.

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The governor said three years ago: “The strategy is not the dollarization of the economy (…) What cannot be expected is how long the stores will last, because we are in an exceptional moment, and it is temporary.”

Since then, the promise that these establishments will not sell economy products such as chicken, powdered milk, cannabis, pasta, coffee, or detergent has not been kept.

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