A gentle lunch with Gerard Pique and his children in Miami before returning to Spain

Gerard PQ He spends a few days visiting his children in Miami Sahikia, Milan and Sasha. The ex-footballer, who originally thought he would stay for 10 days, ended up being there for 5 hours because “he was with his children until April 2nd, I think April 2nd was Sunday, that was the day Shakira decided to leave Spain. Those 2 days Counted into the agreement, that’s why Gerard Pique can’t be with his kids for the full 10 days. It will be 5 or 6 days“, according to various media reports, she plans to extend her stay to look for a home while she visits her children.

These days Gerard Piqué enjoys his children in Miami and through users of social networks it was possible to see the Spaniards having a gentle lunch with them. Piqué is spotted with small children sitting on a beach under a blue sky On a sunny day with the sea in the background.

Thanks to a photo uploaded on Twitter by the user Aurelio B. Castrellón, it was possible to verify that Piqué spent quality time with his two children. “Family lunch, just then PQ is sitting at the next table with his hair down“, the user wrote.

Bhikkhu looking for a home

The former footballer, on this first trip, had to stay in a hotel that was somewhat uncomfortable for him and his children. Trying to find a home So he can be more comfortable in the US on his next visits with Sasha and Milan. According to ‘Semana’ and ‘Informalia’, Piqué has an idea of ​​what he wants to find in Miami: “A spacious, bright space with minimal rooms and common areas”.

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