Anuel AA and Carol G confirm their completion and reveal the reason

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After many rumors and first hand information, singers Anuel AA and Carol G. Talk to them for the first time Loving break, They make official.

Live on his Instagram account, Anuval Put an end to the rumors and the two will make a decision Taken almost four months ago, Although he reiterates that his love for the Colombian is still very high.

“Carol and I have not been together for 4 months and we have not had a bad relationship or bad relationship,” Anuel AA explained.

Because they finished?

Anuval did not reveal the reason, he pointed out that it was not one Infidelity or third partiesBut a decision on both sides.

“I understand her and love her. She has to continue to fulfill her goals as she has done so far, and that’s what happens in life, to make it clear, because every day they ask me the same thing,” said Anuel A.A.

What did Carol G say?

Although he was not with the Colombian on the live stage, he reiterated this announcement through his Instagram stories, where he said he would continue to love the experience and that he could only be grateful.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us in our nonsense. The love we have felt from everyone for almost these three years is incomparable, incredible and vibrating with you. I love you, Emmanuel, my thanks to you and your family,” the singer wrote.

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